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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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PR Organizations


This month's "Florence Centre” prepared a grant proposal on buying sport equipments to the “Kangaroo program” to the big supermarket “ASHAN”. Later our specialists made a presentation of the project to the employees of the super market. In the first stage, our project won first place.

Pupils of the "Ka ... Read more »

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On April took place 7th annual integrative concert "World of Big Hearts"

for children and adults in Zaporizhzhya (you can watch video here)

Hard to believe that seven years have already passed since Zaporizhzhya regional public organization "Florence" ("Florence Centre&quo ... Read more »

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Students’ Practicum


In March, we have had two University students from Psychology Program and eight students from Social Work Program. The guys made a great contribution to the work of our Centre, helping us in the preparation of inte ... Read more »

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The Program "Healthy Lifestyle"


We continue to conduct training sessions in the four classes of schools in the city. For each group sessions are held once a week. During these meetings, the teens get to know each other and themselves. Each visit of our sp ... Read more »

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The Project "School Mediation"

This month, we made a big step forward in the establishment of mediation services at school. Children who have previously been selected, were trained during a four-day training course. The training "Basic skills of school mediation" was carried out by experienced specialists from Pyriatyn Irina and Roman Taran. 

We are grateful to the coaches, who were able in four days to teach children important rules of ... Read more »

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The "Kangaroo" Program

 During the month, 18 families attended  the "Kangaroo «program.

In December we organized  the seventh meeting with parents devoted to the compilation of information leaflets about autism. We are very pleased that parents are actively involved in the work and tried to share their knowledge.

This month we visited many places, had a variety of excursions and festivities. We visited the leisure center "IgroBum" (supermarket "Aurora") ... Read more »

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Work with specialists of social sphere

November was for us a very busy month in the number of events.

We conducted the regular meeting of the Balint’s group. All specialists actively participated in the session, we work not only on the development of a skill of decision-making, but also on the expression of feelings. We see a high level of interest and motivation to continue this work.

"Our meeting with you is like a breath of fresh air ... Read more »

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                                 Collaboration with Foreign Specialists

In October we hosted members of our Board of Directors and our long-term colleagues and consultants Professors Otto and Florence Driedger. Together with them, we took part in the annual meeting of the Mennonite organizations sharing our experience and  work in Ukraine. We made a presentation on our  activities  in the last year, achievements and prospects. The meeting was attended by  20 people.

... Read more »

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Reflections, Florence Centre - Ten Years of Operation

Florence/Otto Driedger
October 2015

 Ten years of operation - what a great achievement by you  - as the people that made it happen, and the community  which nurtured your development.

 We remember well when we first came to Ukraine in the  early 1990s.  We were invited to assist in development of  graduate level social work/human justice education in  Odessa by Dr. Boris Khersonski. After several years of  going to Odessa, we were invited to come to the National  University in Zaporizhzhya by D ... Read more »

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We are glad to share our joy!


 On Friday, October 16 were awarded nominee of the "Alexander  premium- 2015" in the field of philanthropy and volunteerism,  established by a famous patron Alexander Boguslayev.

 This year, 80 applications were submitted for the competition, and  the winners were determined in 10 nominations. According to the  curator of the "Alexander Award 2015" Olesya Kramarenko, the  premium is primarily intended to draw public attention to the people  who for the sake of others do good deeds. ... Read more »

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