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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Report AUGUST 2017

The Project “Territory Z” (part of the Program “Healthy Lifestyle”) 

Within a month we were engaged in the preparation of methodological materials for classes with schoolchildren in three schools of the city of Zaporizhzhya under the program "Healthy Lifestyle" (the "Territory Z" project).

In 2017-2018 academic year, classes will be conducted in a training form. Their main task is the building of positive relationships in the team, overcoming conflicts. The expected number of training groups is 18. With the guys there will be 4 trainers of the "Florence" Centre. With all the trainers already conducted orientation sessions and distributed training materials.


The Project "We are Just Like You!"


In August, we prepared a report on the work which was done at the detention centre in the past 9 years. We did not expect that so much was done, so many memories and impressions of mutual work remained. To sum up the results of joint activities, we were invited to the teachers' meeting at the centre, where we made a presentation.

All teachers with great interest and pleasure listened to our presentation and commented on the photos they saw. And especially they were excited to watch the video - in each episode they recognized the pupils of the centre and remembered the funny moments from their life.

In total, four people were present from the Florence Centre, including the program manager, our friend and volunteer, Sergey Bulatov.

At the conclusion of our meeting, the principal said: "Thank you for your kind hearts! Sergei, the head of the program, is a wonderful example for boys. I think that many of them would not have gone downhill if there had been a similar example in their lives. "

Teachers also thanked us for the cooperation: "Your visits have become a breath of fresh wind for both teachers and children. The guys tried to behave themselves well, that they were allowed to meet with students. "



The Project "I am beautiful!" - 3

The "Florence" Centre for the third time will be implementing a project for women of “gold age” "I am beautiful!".

This month we held a presentation of the project in one of the social work agencies of the city of Zaporizhzhya.

Currently, the recruitment to the group continues.








The Project "School Mediation"

Work continues on the program. School coordinators are preparing to select potential mediators. Our trainers have prepared a training program for future mediators.



The «Kangaroo» Program

During the month, 14 people attended our organization. The program started to visit 3 new children: Nikita, Dima and Arina. Visited the family of one of the kids at home. Acquainted with the family and the living conditions and upbringing of the child.

In August, we celebrated the birthday of Danilo. On a visit to children came pig Nyusha (from the agency "Smeshariki"). Animator entertained children with games and competitions. Kids were particularly pleased with the machine with soap bubbles, which children caught with their hands and cups.

August gave us presents and surprises. The organization "Zaporizhzhya Vector" financially supported us so that we could purchase the developing game set "Entertaining cubes".

Now, thanks to colorful and vivid materials, our children are happy to learn math and play with entertaining designer.

All our children got yellow T-shirts with the logo of the "Kangaroo" program. Now we as a big friendly family visit all public places and recreational activities in our T-shirts.

Still very important acquisitions - a highchair for feeding and a pool. The process of feeding has become much easier and more comfortable for some children. With new pool water procedures in the open air give children a lot of positive emotions. In addition, once a week, children visit the pool with hydromassage in the regional hospital, where they perform general strengthening and special exercises.

In August we made a plan of events and public places that we want to visit, and have already begun to implement it. This month we made a walking tour to the Oak Park. Children enjoyed playing ball, ran outdoors and watched the surrounding nature.

We visited the theater and saw the presentation Kazkova Ukraine”. The trip to the theater was very difficult for many children who visited such events for the first time. Many were afraid of loud sounds and bright special effects, but, in general, children have acquired an indispensable life experience.

During the month, both group and individual sports and creative activities were conducted with children. Children made crafts for the day of independence ("Kalina" and "Flag"). Parents liked the crafts made of shells. Summer children saw off with cheerful dances and games in the open air.

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