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REPORT: March 2017

The Project "School Mediation"

In March, we started preparatory work on a new one-year project "School mediation". Selected two schools (school №25, school №69), who expressed an interest in participating. We had meetings with the administration of these schools, as well as with psychologists, future project coordinators in schools.  For coordinators, we developed and provided teaching materials on the topic of mediation. Also in one of the schools we have already presented the project to the teaching staff. The project will begin its work in September 2017.


The "Kangaroo" Program

During the month, 15 families attended the "Kangaroo program". The program began to visit a new child – L.

In March, we celebrated an International Women's Day. For children was organized a party with dancing, games and competitions. Together with the children we made gifts for loved ones mothers and grandmothers.

This month was very busy with sporting events (competitions, relay races) and active games in the fresh air. We again hosted our good friends – clowns. The kids are having fun in the company of clowns, blew bubbles, played outdoor games.

In March we visited the pool with a sauna. The children enjoy swimming in the pool with hydro massage, heated in a sauna, drinking warm tea and having fun. Continue weekly sessions with a music therapist, rehearse and actively preparing for the concert "World of Big Hearts".

Our pupils had made crafts for the Easter charity auction.

We continue group lessons on drawing by fingers, sculpt, cut, make a knockoff of cereals. Many children show initiative, creativity and autonomy in the classroom. Participation in a puppet theater helps develop acting talents of the kids.

 In March the program "Kangaroo" hosted volunteers: they actively participated in group activities, outdoor games.

We would like to mention the most significant achievements of some of our pupils:

 I. began to pronounce the sounds, repeats the words "give", "bye", "thank you", "Hello", undresses  without help of an adult, but with the instructions ("now we remove the cap!").

- A. on music lessons listens and observes, and then reproduces some elements of the classroom tasks (clapping, bending).

- N. began to pronounce the words "Natasha", "thank you", "eat". And falls asleep in bed without rocking her.



The Program "Healthy Lifestyle"


In March continued our classes for students in 5th and 8th grades. Classes for 5th graders dedicated to the unity of the children, the establishment of friendly relations. We're happy to see a change in the lives of children. Fifth graders get to know each other better, learn new ways to interact with classmates.  We try to help children to see how to behave, how to change their attitude, what is "good" and what is "bad".

In the classroom in the 8th grade girls we are conducting a kind of "girl’s club", which discussed issues of proper behavior in adolescence, especially for girls, awareness of their own identity, the specifics of the relationship with the family, with the opposite sex.  We use a variety of diagnostic techniques, master classes, and also answer all the questions. Girls seriously listen and try to apply the knowledge in practice.


Juvenile Justice Program "We are Just Like You!"


As always, this month Uni students visited the detention centre. This time the guys played with guests in soccer and volleyball. The teams were mixed, so forces were equal. The children happily run and jump, showing their skills. The students simply talk with the teens and had fun!


The Project "I am beautiful"


This month, we successfully held 5 sessions on various topics:  how to improve self esteem, how to be dressed and use makeup appropriately, how to have positive thinking. Participants listen with interest new information and communicate: "it seemed to me that I already know everything, but here I learned so many new things!" "I was a long time in depression, and your project gave me new life!" "So nice to meet such interesting people!"

In addition to the internal changes that occur with the participants and external changes also took place. In March they visited the beauty salon "Esthetic Education", where they did haircuts, styling, makeup. Some women could barely recognize themselves in the mirror: "is It me?" they asked, - "Can't be!"



Participation in Seminars, Conferences

Center staff participated in the summit of the Mennonite Central Committee, which discussed the issues of protection of children's rights. At the end of the summit to anyone who works with children, has been proposed to develop a paper for the protection of children's rights in their organizations.

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