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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Report June 2017



This month we hosted 11 students from the Economic and Law College (specialty: social work) and 2 people from the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology (specialty: social pedagogy) for practicum.

During the course of practicum, young people were helped to understand more about themselves and others, and to obtain better understanding about their future profession. All students actively participated in the training sessions. Fun, with excitement and great interest fulfilled all the tasks, which were assigned to them. Also, the students helped in the preparation of methodological materials for the "Kangaroo" program.

When summing up results of the practicum, all students expressed sincere gratitude for such an active and professionally oriented practicum. Following are some statements:

"In the mornings I woke up with great pleasure and fled to the Florence Centre”;

"I feel very comfortable in the Center. Like at home!"

"I learned a lot about my classmates. Actually, I did not know them before! "

"Thanks to trainings I understood what I did wrong in my life and what direction to move now";

"The only thing I did not like was the shortage of time at the Centre. I really want to stay here longer. "


The «Kangaroo» Program

During the month, 12 families attended the “Kangaroo program”. The program began to visit the youngest of our pupils Z. (1 year 8 months.).

On the Children Protection Day (1st of June), we visited a concert organized by the Congress of Disabled People in Alexander Park. Children danced, ran, had fun, played with balloons. The holiday was fun for everybody!

The trip to the cascade of fountains "Rainbow" gave children a lot of positive emotions. Children played in the playground, observed ducks and fish in the water, admire the windmill and beautiful fountains around. For many children, a huge number of steps around fountains became a physical test, but our heroes successfully coped with this obstacle!

This month we continued to visit the pool. And on the hottest days of the month, we again inflated our big pool, and all the kids frolicked and splashed with pleasure!

Speech therapist gave parents assignments and recommendations for the summer vacations. We are waiting for new interesting and entertaining classes with our speech therapist Alena!

We want to mention the success of our kids:

- K. began to sit at the table in class and independently draw (do smears);

- V. Does not fear a "chamber pot" any more.

Thanks to the lessons in the creative workshop, some children started to hold and draw with pencils, brushes, fingers; some do this all with the help of a teacher, some with instructions. The most memorable occupation for children was modeling of butterflies from dough, and then coloring them. Butterflies turned out colorful and bright - summer gifts for the beloved mothers and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers.

This month we managed to purchase the book "Snow White" for teaching autistic children. With the help of such a book, it was easy for children to explain the concept of "word" and "sentence". With some children, we have already begun to conduct classes.

Many thanks to all volunteers and students who assisted the "Kangaroo" program in the preparation of didactic material, and also helped us during walks and excursions!

The final events of this month were a trip to "Smile Park" and a trip to Khortytsya island. In the entertainment center, the children were very active: they rode on cars, swings, descended from the slides, played basketball. Together with the other visitors of the center, the kids made exercises with music, danced and practiced their drawing skills. We are grateful to the administration of Smile Park for the opportunity to receive a new social experience for children!

A fascinating journey together with the hero of the "Fixikov" Simka on the island of Khortitsya was accompanied by fun games, contests, and dances. Children together with parents did exercises, played and generally had fun.

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