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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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REPORT: February 2017

The Program "Healthy Lifestyle"


We continue to provide training sessions on the topic “I and others” with two 5th and one 8th grade classes in two schools. Students wait for the coaches and always ask: "What interesting program do we have today?" Students have an enthusiasm to participate in all the activities, make teams, support each other and struggle to get extra points during competitions.

We observe that students have a lack of knowledge about each other, and do not know how to make friends. That is why we conduct sessions aimed at team building, and the development of friendly relations. We try to make children's life at school more joyful and comfortable.

For each class there are scheduled 10 activities that will help children to better communicate with each other.



The Project "Territory Z"

(part of the Program “Healthy Lifestyle)


This month we completed the first year of operation of this project for students. During this time, the children were able not only to see and to talk about how to do good deeds to other people, but also to participate in charitable projects.

In total, the teens from three schools have implemented about 20 projects. Ideas ranged from helping teachers in grading homework to general cleaning of the school entrance. The selected committee from Florence Centre has chosen the winners in each school. They were the following projects:

1) Conduct interesting lessons for primary school kids (the 8th grade).

2) Care and feeding of homeless animals (the 8th grade).

3) The collection of humanitarian aid for victims in the Donbass zone (the 8th grade)

The winner among schools was a group of teens who had collected humanitarian aid for the people in the occupied zone. It turned out that during the implementation of the project, the children involved the whole school and even the principal. As evidence, the students have provided all photos and video reports on the work which was accomplished. In addition, we found that even after completion of the project the team continued their volunteer initiatives. We gladly handed deserved awards to the winners.

 At the end of the month, we participate in teachers-parents meetings to give a feedback on the progress of the project. The parents listened with interest about all the sessions, asked questions about children, and also share the reaction of the children: "Children participate in your sessions with great pleasure and during regular lessons behave badly".

Also at the parents meetings parents worried about issues of computer addiction and ways of overcoming this.

We continue to run Balint’s groups for teachers as a part of the project. We have changed the format of the work in connection with the request to work more with self-awareness. "And we'll have more classes? So exciting to learn something new and work with interesting people!" said teachers.





The Project "I am beautiful!"


After completion of the first project, "I am beautiful" in November 2016, it was decided to meet again with the participants. The meeting was attended by 9 people.

We discussed the most important question: "What has changed in your life after the project? And have you changed?"

"Started to spend money on my wants not only needs. Distribute information (photo, video) about the "Florence Centre" and the project to my friends in other countries: Russia, Germany, and Israel."

"The project helped to learn more about each other, to make new friends, to exchange shoes during fashion show and to take care of each other after the end of the project. The project has taken me back to childhood, when the atmosphere was warm, and there were sincere and cheerful relations between people".

The participants shared plans for the next year, including: learn English, sports, gymnastics, every day share joy with relatives and friends!

Thanks to the positive feedback of many people we have decided to have another group of women participate.




Juvenile Justice Program "We are Just Like You!"


In February, to the delight of the teens we paid special attention to their favorite sport – football. University students, who are professionally engaged in football, conducted a master class on juggling, dribbling, technique of a game. Boys tried very hard to learn everything and to overtake each other. At the end the students demonstrated the skills received, and the best players were awarded with diplomas. Friendly football match helped to consolidate the new skills in practice. We saw that in addition to physical activity people have a great need to communicate with students, so look forward to our visits with great anticipation.




Training of Specialists of Social Sphere

This month our guest was the boarding school № 3, where children with special needs, and children with the status of "social orphans".

The meeting was devoted to the problem of opening classes for children with autism. For us it was a very interesting meeting. As our children with special needs after completing the program "Kangaroo" (6 years) there are not many alternatives to where to study. Most institutions do not accept them. Therefore, a new direction in the work of the orphanage # 3 would open opportunities for many children with autism to continue their education.




Students’ Practicum


To our delight, in February, we again joined the practice 10 students-social workers from the Economics and law College of Zaporizhzhya national University and 6 students of the faculty of social pedagogics and psychology of the National University. Children face different professional challenges, but one thing unites them – a sincere desire to benefit society.

College students undergo training sessions and develop their personal qualities and also help in the endless methodical work of our Center.





The "Kangaroo" Program

 During the month, 14 kids attended the "Kangaroo" Program. 3 conducted individual consultations with parents on provision of psychological assistance to families.

Group began to visit the brand new baby – B. (4 years old). Mom B. is now possible together with qualified teachers, compounded by individual program, to introduce new techniques and methods for the correction and development of the child. In vain, the mother was afraid that the child will not be able to adapt to the group of daycare children.

In February, we continued our tradition of spending the holiday on the occasion of Birthday. This month we congratulated the V. and A. In the children was Peppa pig, which the children took part in interesting competitions, compelling games, and each child received a small surprise gift. V. was 6 years old. Our ward is the 3rd year attending the program "Kangaroo". And teachers and parents report a huge growth in the development of the child. The girl is mastering reading by syllables. We see a big leap in the development of thinking, memory and voluntary attention.

This month we continued to visit the sauna and the swimming pool.

Regular group classes (application, coloring, Puppet Theater, design, modeling of salt dough and plasticine). The first time new kids could not concentrate and hold attention. Thanks to consistency, most of the people are able to work according to the instructions of the teacher. Especially remembered by the children finger painting technique paints, modeling clay of wild and domestic animals, the study and observation of birds wintering, staging puppet theatre "Rabbit hut". Very interesting competition, relay races, practice new outdoor games.

Continuing classes with a speech therapist and a music therapist.

And we visited our good friends the clowns.

This month, we visited a district library. For us, the librarians have organized many interesting games. The children guessed riddles, watched the cartoon about the Valentine's Day holiday. The children tried to be quiet, and was very surprised at how many different books can be on one shelf, and make friends with each other. We got received a huge social experience of interaction with others, behavior in public places.

 Thanks to the help of philanthropist, Alexander Boguslayev, our center became warmer, as we have purchased new heaters. Now, all the rooms are comfortably heated. We also got from the Mennonite Cultural Centre of the city of Molochansk wooden chairs on which the children are very comfortable to sit.

This month we purchased a new teaching material. Children enjoy playing with the new designer, pyramids, lacing etc.

During the month the program "Kangaroo" helped the student volunteers, the future social pedagogues: actively participated in group activities and walks, we played games and sports activities. Many thanks for your help and participation in our program and in the lives of our kids.

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