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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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  The project "Volunteer continues to work  in the Kommunarsky social work agency. Two kids with special needs have been congratulated with Birthdays at homes. Volunteers mark the big pleasure of children for which the action is done that speaks about necessity to continue work in this direction. Fourth-year students from the program «Social work»  continue to provide  hairdresser's services for young men with special needs. Since April we do home visits and organize classes and leisure activities for the kids who do not leave their homes. 2 volunteers visit in-home two children with special needs.

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1. In March, our centre began to work on the project "FASD”. We have trained lecturers from the number of students majoring in Social Work, Social Pedagogy,  Management ", as well as the staff members. Developed and prepared handouts for the FASD (leaflets and CD’s). Total amount of  lecturers  is 10.  103 hours of lectures were done for the students and teachers of secondary schools of Chortitsky, Ordzhenikidzevsky and Komunarsky regions of Zaporizhzhye.

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In February our centre signed agreements with volunteers.        According to an agreement about collaboration with Kommunarskiy social work agency the first group of volunteers-animators started to work with  young people with  special needs. Volunteers are the first-year students of the specialty «International tourism» Institute of Management and Law (Zaporizhzhya National Technical University).  Work is conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays, students organize games, communicate with young disable people, prepare holidays. Volunteers provide the services with enthusiasm, show high level of interest and initiate many activities (like celebration of birthdays, collection of humanitarian help).  The feed ... Read more »

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From January work proceeded on the program «Volunteer». Volunteers organized  a new-year holiday  for children with the special needs in Kommunarskoy social work agency. Six volunteers are the students from International tourism program (Institute of Management and Law). Volunteers showed famous fai ... Read more »

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   In December we organized an integrative concert and Fashion Show "The Light of Big Hears”. There were around three hundred people, among them children and teens with special needs and without, students, specialists from social work agencies, people from community. We were pleasantly surprised that so many organizations, business propose their help and donations for free! We were so inspired by the feedback from many people that we made a decision to do concerts annually.
   We continue to work at the detention centre in Kamyshevaha. We do the educational trainings there and search for grants to renovate the gym there. Until now our effort to find a business people to help us was not successful, but we continue to look for recourses.
   In the second half of the month our main efforts were around preparation of an auction of «Fulfill your dream». Auction was conducted within the framework of the Zaporozhia national technical university. Participants were pr ... Read more »
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In November all the schools and social work settings were closed for three weeks, so we had a break to prepare some manuals for our work with different groups. The specialists from "Kangaroo” programs prepare two manuals for parents of kids with autism and Down syndrome. After the break we started to work with young offenders and kids from "Kangaroo”. Most of our time was devoted to the preparation of the Integrative Fashion Show "The World of Big Hears” with the participation of normal  and disable kids. We were pleasantly surprised that there were so many people and organizations ready to help us, invest their recourses.

We also collected second hand items for disadvantageous families ( ... Read more »

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Рrogress report of the Center for the year. You can download here.
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           Specialists from our Centre did presentation on ther following topics: "FASD" for teachers of secondary schools of  CHortitsky     district; for first-year students of Zaporizhzhya National University, for teens from school Б   1; "Case-study method" for vice-princples     of schools from Chortitsky district; "Death and dying in different cultures" to care givers from Mennonite family home; "Smoking and its     consequences" for fourth-year students of Zaporizhzhya National Technical University.
           2.Spetsialisty attended seminars and conferences: 
     2.1.Educational seminar "Appropriate and safe behavior among older adolescents. Youth Program "Revival". Zaporozhye.
     2.2.Seminar "NGO and business": problems of pa ... Read more »
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Family Service and Community Education Center ‘Florence’ is one of the 1st non-governmental public organizations in Zaporizhya based on the experience in Social Services of foreign countries. Center ‘Florence’ was registered in 2004.

The philosophy of the organization is to serve community, groups and individuals to improve the quality of life in macro-, mezo-, micro- levels.

The aim of the organization is to provide social, psychological, pedagogical and judicial services and support to various categories of people in society.

We share the idea of the development of civil society on the basis of democratic and civil initiatives, when the community identifies its own needs and finds ways of solving the problems.

FSCEC ‘Florence’ works with the clients of various ages – children, teenagers, men / women of middle ages, senior people.

We collaborate with the governmental and public agencies (NGO), families and private individuals.

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