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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Views: 311 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 19.12.2010 | Comments (3)

The charity auction and fair, organized by the Institute of Management and "Florence center” were in October. The event was held within the project "We are just like you!” The main purpose of the event was to collect funds for inmates of the Detention center. Collected money will be used for sports, concerts and recreational activities of young people.

"Kangaroo” program works with children with special needs and their families, especially developing group work with children. Experts note the positive changes in children's communicative abilities, vocabulary of children, as well as improving fine and gross motor skills.

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Views: 380 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 13.11.2010 | Comments (0)

1. The program "Training Workshop".

    We have recruited two groups of students of Zaporizhzhya National University who would like to get some social skills. The topics of training sessions – "Training of communication" and "Me + others". The planned amount of sessions is 10.  Sessions are held twice a week.  

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Views: 450 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 04.10.2010 | Comments (1)

In August, the development of methodical materials on the program "School" and "Kids! Let's live in peace! "was completed. We plan to start training sessions in October.

Also, experts of the Center "Florence" prepared two grant proposals  - "Baby Kangaroo" and "Drive".

The program of "Kangaroo" got a new employee - a specialist in rehabilitation. In August, experts began to work with new families. The total number of children attending the Centre is 40 peop ... Read more »

Views: 383 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 06.09.2010

In July most of the staff of the Centre "Florence" was on vacation, so not too much work was carried out on all programs.

The main activities were:

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Views: 353 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 03.08.2010

The program "Volunteer"

In June we have summarized the work on the project "Volunteer" for the year, selected the most fruitful activities that are planned to continue in the 2010-2011 year. These included:

- Action "Birthday": greeting children with special needs, on their birthday at home;

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Views: 411 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 05.07.2010

1. Work on the project "Volunteers". In May proceeded volunteer’s activity of students. The action "Birthday" has been spent, we have congratulated one May birthday person. As practice has shown, there is a requirement throughout the given action: volunteers receive constant offers from children and parents to come next year. Renewal of congratulations since September, 2010 is planned.

The group of volunteers - 4-year students of a specialty «social work» (3

persons) continue to work with a group of young men with special needs. The work is focused on the development of memory, attention, th ... Read more »

Views: 398 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 07.06.2010

  The project "Volunteer continues to work  in the Kommunarsky social work agency. Two kids with special needs have been congratulated with Birthdays at homes. Volunteers mark the big pleasure of children for which the action is done that speaks about necessity to continue work in this direction. Fourth-year students from the program «Social work»  continue to provide  hairdresser's services for young men with special needs. Since April we do home visits and organize classes and leisure activities for the kids who do not leave their homes. 2 volunteers visit in-home two children with special needs.

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Views: 449 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 12.05.2010

1. In March, our centre began to work on the project "FASD”. We have trained lecturers from the number of students majoring in Social Work, Social Pedagogy,  Management ", as well as the staff members. Developed and prepared handouts for the FASD (leaflets and CD’s). Total amount of  lecturers  is 10.  103 hours of lectures were done for the students and teachers of secondary schools of Chortitsky, Ordzhenikidzevsky and Komunarsky regions of Zaporizhzhye.

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Views: 417 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 10.04.2010 | Comments (0)

In February our centre signed agreements with volunteers.        According to an agreement about collaboration with Kommunarskiy social work agency the first group of volunteers-animators started to work with  young people with  special needs. Volunteers are the first-year students of the specialty «International tourism» Institute of Management and Law (Zaporizhzhya National Technical University).  Work is conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays, students organize games, communicate with young disable people, prepare holidays. Volunteers provide the services with enthusiasm, show high level of interest and initiate many activities (like celebration of birthdays, collection of humanitarian help).  The feed ... Read more »

Views: 692 | Added by: florence-eng | Date: 21.03.2010 | Comments (0)

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