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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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The Project "School Mediation"

During the 2017-2018 year, "Florence Centre" has been working on the development of conflict resolution centres in two schools of Zaporizhzhya.

Our employees conducted two four-day trainings for 30 schoolchildren, students in grades 9-11, who were pre-selected. During the classes, the children not only learned what a conflict is, what approaches there are to solving conflict situations, but also prepared for the independent organization of school conflict resolution services. Children learned each other more, learned to adjust mutual relations in group.

The result of the training was the creation of two conflict resolution centers: «Phoenix» and «Eridan».

During the year, the forces of mediators and coordinators of services managed to conduct 27 mediations for schoolchildren and 2 mediations to resolve conflicts between mediators. Also, the mediator of one of the schools conducted more than 7 mediations for friends and acquaintances outside the school. In total, more than 50 people took part in mediation procedures (some students applied again to solve various problems).

Mediators held monthly meetings where children updated their knowledge on conflict resolution and prevention, developed classes and presentations for schoolchildren, shared experiences of mediation, etc. In total, 51 meetings were held in two schools in a year.

In order to advertise the work and maintain a positive image of the conflict resolution services, the mediators held 43 presentations. The meetings were attended by 730 students and 65 teachers.

With great pleasure, the mediators participated in the development and further implementation of preventive classes for schoolchildren on such topics as: “Conflict. Types of behavior in conflict”, “Strategies for solving conflict situations”, “Ways of effective communication”. A total of 55 lessons were held for 839 students.

In order to present the results of the activities of mediators, the coordinators of the services regularly spoke at the pedagogical councils of the schools (more than 70 teachers were present). Coordinators also informed parents in various ways that their children could learn to resolve conflicts peacefully: this included coordinators' presentations at school-wide parent meetings, providing small reports for parent meetings by class leaders, and putting information about the activities of the service into student diaries. In total, more than 1,350 parents were covered.

For the exchange of experience and planning of school resolution activities, the Florence Center regularly held consultative meetings for coordinators. Every time our employees saw energy, enthusiasm and a desire to continue working. Coordinators are open to new methods and forms of work. They want to attract new students for the purpose of learning mediation. Both coordinators gladly shared their experiences, rejoiced at the success of their children. They also noted that they did not expect such a positive result. Their mediators have become real friendly teams! They have “burning eyes”, the guys want to do not only mediation and conduct preventive classes, but also organize school-wide events aimed at building tolerance and a positive attitude towards others.

Almost all mediators showed high social activity. Over the year, with the participation of mediators, several school-wide social actions aimed at preventing violence, establishing new social ties, enhancing the role of the family in the life of each schoolchild, etc. were organized and mediators of one of the services volunteered at our integrative concert “Svit great hearts".

In addition, at the initiative of the mediators, two joint meetings of participants of two school conflict resolution services were held. On them, the guys shared their experiences and shared new ideas.

In general, it is worth noting that this project turned out to be very necessary and useful in school life. Class leaders began to notice that the interaction between schoolchildren has changed, they are trying to put their knowledge into practice and solve conflicts in a peaceful, non-aggressive way. And for the mediators themselves, the work in the school service brought positive moments: many raised their self-esteem, got rid of the fear of public speaking, and part of the mediators was able to decide on the choice of their future profession.



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