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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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The "Kangaroo" Program


Kangaroo Program was launched in March 2008. 

About us

 Daily classes in the creative workshop help children develop creative abilities, fine motor skills, and train assiduity. Thanks to teachers, children make cognitive journeys. This is the underwater world with funny cut octopuses, and fabulous houses with plasticized furniture, and a dense forest with toed bears and insects made of natural material.

Teachers of the program in every possible way instill in children a careful attitude to nature. In early spring, the kids planted seeds in the ground and grew beets, pumpkin, beans, planting a playground for children. With the onset of cold weather, the boys hang out feeding troughs for birds and feed them all the winter with seeds and breadcrumbs.

Days of sport, cycling, sports, active games, exercise therapy, swimming pool - all this helps to develop and strengthen the physical health of children, teaches children to work in a team and interact with each other. Every morning begins with a musical gymnastics, which takes place not only in the group, but also in the playground, in the park. Classes on the Gross simulator help to train the vestibular apparatus, develop coordination of movements of children.

We have fruitful meetings with a music therapist. Each lesson poses new tasks for the kids: they learn to dance in pairs, sing, tap the rhythm of the song, "turn" into animals and mimic their movements, conduct in front of the orchestra of ‘musicians’. At the end of each lesson, children listen to classical instrumental music, which helps them to calm down and concentrate.

 The most important aspect remains the socialization of children in society. These are excursions, horseback riding, a pet store, a shopping center, a theater, a library and other public places. It is very difficult to select suitable volunteers for such trips. "Florence Centre" thanks all students and volunteers from the Red Cross who helped at such events.

Parents are very happy when children go to our Centre with pleasure. There were also complex cases when the child was hard to adapt, but after two weeks, he was happily running to his beloved teachers. Our employees are very fond of children and give them care and warmth. No wonder the children call them "dads" and "moms".





«The World of Big Hearts»

This year the ninth annual integrative concert "The World of Big Hearts" was held. The purpose of the concert is to integrate people with special needs in society. The main idea of the concert is that everyone can be talented, regardless of their characteristics.

The event consisted of two parts. The first part is a video game in which all children participated in various stations and fought for prizes. And of course, the second part is the concert itself.

To feel the sweetness of victory and get a "fee" was able to absolutely every child! Honestly earned "currency" could immediately be exchanged for everything that is so dear to the child's heart: sweets, toys, souvenirs. There were also unusual prizes - a smart hairstyle, a steep "tattoo" with colors, an opportunity to learn how to dance and make origami.

Then a concert was waiting for all the guests of the event. The students of the boarding schools of the city and the region, representatives of the centres of social adaptation of young disabled people took part in the concert. Also helped to make our concert vivid, representatives of dance studios and students of the school of fashion and style. As participants of the concert, the smallest stars - the students of the "Kangaroo" program - took to the stage. Their performance was bright, incendiary and did not leave a single spectator indifferent.

The audience accepted everyone equally warmly, encouraged the youngest with applause. As a result, every child who came on the scene felt his own stardom. "I can, I am capable!" - everyone was able to say to themselves, including children with such diagnoses as cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, autism, etc. Many of those who performed on the stage, timidity gradually gave way to confidence in their abilities thanks to the admiring views of the audience and their generous applause.

Invaluable was the help of our friends-volunteers who helped make the holiday bright, colorful, cheerful and incendiary.

We are grateful to all those who were interested and actively involved in this noble cause!

"My child is a real star! I never even dreamed that I would see my child on stage, and today a real miracle happened! Our family is very happy! We are glad that this concert helped us and the rest of the guests to see that every child can be talented! "





We help with joy to every child!

Come! We will be happy to help you!

     An important component of the project is work with parents of children with special needs. 



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