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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Main » 2018 » June » 12 » "The World of Big Hearts"- from tradition to innovation
"The World of Big Hearts"- from tradition to innovation


On May 15 this year Zaporizhzhye regional public organization "Florence" again held an annual integrative concert "The World of Big Hearts".

For the ninth year, ordinary schoolchildren and children with special needs have traditionally met on the same stage. This year the event took place in a cozy palace of culture of auto factory"ZAZ". Participation was attended by more than 350 children from Zaporizhzhya and the region.

The director of the "Florence Centre" Lyudmila Romanenkova told that, the purpose of this event is the humanization of the population, the formation of a feeling of kindness and acceptance of all people as full-fledged members of society.  

“Florence Centre” is very grateful to the management of the Palace of Culture “ZAZ” for its openness to the event and its readiness to accept on preferential terms, which is very important for a non-profit organization. This year, the organizers decided to hold a holiday at the other end of the city to involve people from another part of the city.   According to the long established tradition, before the concert all the guests participated in different leisure-time activities. We had funny clowns, children played all kind of games, a shop of prizes with a wide assortment of goods, karaoke, master classes, etc ... There was no time to be bored for children!

In the concert part, the idea of ​​joint performances became new for the organizers. On one scene performed ordinary schoolchildren, and children with special needs. The most sensual for the audience was a part when one of the pupil of the school № 42 Kravtsov Danil and pupils of the boarding school "Dzherelo" sang a song. The ninth-grader sang a touching song about his mother, and deaf children "sang" in sign language. Wonderful was a part of the pupils of the school No. 38.  Bobkova Maria and the dancing collective "Barbariki" (boarding school "Svitanok") danced a very emotional dance. By the way, cheerful "Barbariki" were on the stage three times. And each time it was hard for spectators to sit still, their feet started dancing.

No less memorable were the participation of the youngest actors - the kids from the “Kangaroo” program of the “Florence Centre” and the children from the

“Prometheus”  rehabilitation center. Very excited on the big stage was the debutant of this year, Alexander Dankov, a pupil of the social rehabilitation department of children with disabilities of the Khortitsky district.

"For such a small organization as the" Florence "Centre, this concert is very consuming both in human and financial resorces, - Lyudmila Romanenkova shared. - Every year we think, maybe we do not need to invest so much efforts. But when we see how happy the children are, how mothers cry and rejoice, when they see children on stage, how much fun the teachers and the staff of the Centre receive ...  next year, the decision to hold such a concert again comes somehow by itself. Events like this are necessary for people, concerts bring love and kindness of people to each other. Next day after the concert the staff is so tired that  they hardly remember where and when they need to go to work! "

Thanks to the support of the hypermarket Auchan-Zaporizhzhya and the head of the Service for Children Matveeva AI.  all participants of the concert got small gift sets.

And without  the support of the “ Mennonite Family Home” the event would not be possible at all!

One of the biggest difficulties during the organization of the integrative concert, was the heavy workload of schools in the spring. The number  of events that they planned in the spring simply did not allow schoolchildren to attend one of the most humane activities in the city.

Finishing the article we would like to say: "The World of Big Hearts" does not say goodbye to you! It says: "Until we meet again!"

More photos you can find on the site, a video interview on our channel on YouTube

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