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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Report SEPTEMBER 2017

The Project “Territory Z” (part of the Program “Healthy Lifestyle”) 

In September we started a new cycle of lessons on the project for three schools in the city of Zaporizhzhya. These are the same 9 classes with which we started cooperation last year.

This year we are working on the psychosocial component of health, so the classes are held in the form of training. Guys learn a lot about themselves, about others and learn to establish positive relationships in the team.

It was not easy for all schoolchildren to talk about themselves in the presence of classmates. Many shared that it was not easy to do some given exercises, where it was necessary to write about own good qualities. It was much easier for the guys to see themselves negatively. But thanks to the support of each other, everyone successfully coped with the tasks.

To date, 12 lessons have already been conducted.



Students` Practicum

In September, 16 future social pedagogues from Zaporizhzhya National University came to the "Florence" Center for an introductory sessions. The students listened with interest about the activities of our organization, in practice they got acquainted with the specifics of working with children with special needs, and they asked many questions. Several students expressed a strong wish to try themselves as volunteers of the "Kangaroo" program.



The Project "School Mediation"

This month we continue to work on the project and started the development of conflict resolution centers in schools. In two schools presentation about mediation was done for pupils of grades 9-11. The guys at the beginning did not know what is mediation but thanks to the psychologists from both schools got lots of information about mediation.

Our staff conducted two four-day training sessions for 30 schoolchildren from two schools. During the sessions high school students not only learned what conflict is, what are approaches to solving conflict situations, they also got information how to start a centre at school for resolving conflicts, they also learn more about each other and established good relationships in the group.

When summarizing the results, the children noted the importance of the acquired knowledge not only for work as mediators, but also for personal development.

"Yesterday I almost quarreled with my mother. Another time, everything would necessarily be end in a scandal, but this time I applied the techniques of "I -message" and paraphrasing, and we could just talk. "

"When I came here, I did not think it would be so interesting! And I could not even think about the fact that I would open up myself in front of others! "




The Kangaroo Program

During the month, 16 families attended the “Kangaroo” program.

September was rich in birthdays. We all congratulated Vanya, Matvey, Nikita on their birthdays. Children in a circle passed a candle of wishes, and then we had dances, games. We also gave a postcard for each child and were happy to see ​​joy and fun in their eyes!

This month, a new music therapist began her work. We are very glad that we hired a person from occupied area of Ukraine. Children simply listen to live classical music enthusiastically, play hide-and-seek with the "rain", turn into fairy-tale animals, and go to magic-all this under the guidance of our music specialist.

Also, the new speech therapist diagnosed the speech development of children and from next month we expect active work in this direction.

Regular lessons in the pool are very helpful for children to relax, to learn how to show their emotions.

In September, we had a fun bicycle race. All the kids with pleasure tried themselves in the role of a driver and a passenger. Children rode on tricycles, bicycles and motorcycles. And how much did everyone rejoice when they crossed the finish line!

This month we purchased a Gross simulator for training with children with cerebral palsy, with a violation of coordination of movements. Our physic therapist has already begun to conduct classes using this equipment.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the organization "Zaporizhzhya Vector" for its invaluable help in acquiring the methodical materials. Thanks to them we bought cubes of Zaitsev. Children already play with funny ringing cubes, follow the table for syllables and sounds.

And of course we do not forget about our friends - clowns, each visits is a real holiday for us!



The Project "I am beautiful!" - 3

Information about the work of the program "I am beautiful!" was shared with Moscow City Pedagogical University, specialists were very much interested in our project. After reading the content of the classes and seeing the women "Before and After", as well as video from the fashion show of older women, we received feedback: "Just super! You can’t call them old women, they are ladies!!"



«Welcome to Ukraine»

In September, the Florence Center hosted a guest from Canada, Adel Wagner. Adel first came to Ukraine to visit her birthplace a small village Novosolonye. She also got acquainted with the sightseeings of Zaporizhzhya and visited the island of Chortytsya.

After the visit, our Canadian guest said: "I really enjoyed my visit to Zaporizhzhya and this is thanks to, first of all, good planning." I was so glad to meet all of you and as you said, you are now my Ukrainian family! "



Work with Foreign Specialists

This month, the Florence Сenter was visited by Canadian colleagues from the Mennonite Benevolent Society (Winnipeg). Our employees presented programs and projects of the center. The biggest impression on them was made by the project "I am beautiful!”

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