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Report OCTOBER 2017

The Project "School Mediation"

In October, the project “School Mediation” began active work.

After the educational training, the guys excitedly and enthusiastically were engaged in planning of the activities of the school service on conflict resolution, developing presentations for schoolchildren and teachers, drawing up duty schedules and equipping the room for mediation.

At the first meetings, the names of the school services were invented: "Phoenix" and "Eridan". In total, 6 meetings for mediators took place in the month, including training sessions on developing the bank's ideas for a constructive solution of conflict situations and discussing the role of emotions in everyday life.

During the month, 31 presentations were made for high-school students of two schools participating in the project and 2 presentations for teachers about school services on conflict resolution. A total amount of 730 schoolchildren and 65 teachers were participants of the presentations.


Also in October, 12 mediation processes have already taken place. The conflicting parties were pupils of grades 5-6 (18 schoolchildren). As the mediators note, during the first mediation they paid much attention not to forget the stages of mediation, its rules and principles. But after the second and third sessions, mediators started to feel more confident. Successful resolution of conflict situations has strengthened the belief that mediation is a very important and responsible process.

In the "Eridan" school service, the high school students conducted the mediation process without the support of the coordinator. And during a meeting with the staff of the Florence Center, one girl told that she had conducted 4 mediation procedures outside the school. Her friends, knowing that she became a mediator asked her to help them to find a way out of the situation. The girl worried that she would not be able to help them, but she managed to conduct several mediations and taught her friends how to solve conflict situations peacefully.

Between the two mediators in one of the schools there was such a strong conflict. The school coordinator, Irina, conducted the mediation procedure. Upon completion, both sides admitted that they did not even expect to be able to communicate again and respect each other after this quarrel.

In one of the school newspapers, the guys posted an interview with the project coach Elena.

"After the training we became not just people from school, but" ours ". It's even a little more than a team. "

"My friends are no longer fighting. I told them how to solve conflicts differently. "

"After the training I felt that I was not like everyone else. I have something more in my head! "



The Project "I'm beautiful!"- 3

In October, we started to work with the third group of women of golden age. This group includes women aged from 51 to 85 years old. There are 11 people in the group. Four lessons have already been conducted. All participants showed a high level of activity, openness. Women are happy to discuss issues of external and internal beauty. One of the participants at the end of each lesson reads poetry. There is already observed the dynamics of group formation, as well as the increase of self-esteem among a number of women.

"I realized that everything is not so bad with me. I know where to move now! "

"It's nice to be beautiful!"

"I've never been told that I'm a good looking person. I always thought that I was very ugly. Thank you! "- cried the participant.



This month, we received 3 volunteers from the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology. The Uni students helped the "Kangaroo" program walking with on the playground, during group and individual sessions.


The «Kangaroo» Program

During the month, 16 families attended the "Kangaroo" program. One diagnostic consultation with the child was carried out. This month we celebrated the birthdays of our pupils R., K. and Z. Traditionally, the children received a toy-kangaroo and congratulatory posters made by the kids.

A speech therapist and a music therapist started actively working with children. Systematic studies give their results: M. began to whisper words; A. sings vowel sounds with the help of the rolling ball; M. beats the rhythm on musical instruments; N. acts as a conductor in front of all the kids. Children became more diligent and organized helps to these activities.


Our good friends clowns "Smehonosy" regularly visit our kids. In the process of communicating with clowns, children become more open, cheerful and sociable, learn to experience joy with usual things. In October we had a day of Sport. Children participated in different activities: races with obstacle, active games. Each child received a medal for his achievements ("the fastest", "the strongest," etc.).

This month we visited the Klimov Park and the Boguslaev Technical Museum. Children with pleasure sit at driver’s seats and other military equipment, rides on attractions, collected chestnuts and leaves for hand-made work.

Every day we have creative workshops. Children make crafts from natural materials. One collective gift of a caterpillar from chestnut children gave to our guests from the supermarket "Auchan". Employees of the supermarket visited the children and brought them a delicious treat.


The Project «Territory Z» (part of the Program «Healthy Lifestyle»)

This month 43 lessons were held for schoolchildren. In general, for each group there were already 5-6 meetings. The total number of children attending the trainings is 156.

During the training, the behavior of the guys began to change. In one of the groups the schoolgirl A. always acted as a destructor. Did not want to perform exercises, the tasks performed reluctantly, with discontent. But over time, the coach began to note that at each lesson the girl began to take a seat next to the coach and react more calmly to the proposed exercises.

The guys began to support each other, to empathize more, to try to find approaches to classmates for the performance of collective tasks.

"I learned the quiet forms of answers in the dispute."

"Who would have thought that T. Can so easily and clearly explain!"

Also in three schools 4 meetings with teachers were held. At the request of schools, the topics of the classes were related to professional burnout. Especially all participants liked practical exercises for stress releasing.

After the meetings, the topics for the following sessions were identified. Of particular interest were sessions on work with stress, depression and aggression.

In view of the high employment of teachers, the "Florence Centre” decided to conduct classes for teachers during school holidays, when teachers are less busy.


Training of Specialists of Social Sphere

This month, we were visited by 18 social pedagogues from city of Zaporizhzhya and Zaporizhzhya region, students of the Institute of Postgraduate Education. The staff of the "Florence Centre” delivered lectures on preventive work in school and work with adolescents at risk. We also invited a specialist from back play theatre who conducted a session on working with emotions.

"Everything is so interesting at your agency," the participants said.

"It's amazing how many interesting things you can learn about each other in such a short time!"

Also in October, the staff of the "Florence Centre” delivered a lecture for the teachers of the medical school on the prevention of emotional burnout.

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