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Report November 2018

The Project “Baby Kangaroo”


During the month, 9 children attended classes on the “Baby Kangaroo” project. A training workshop for parents was organized and held on the topic: “Children's Tantrums. How to cope?” Parents received a lot of useful information and practical recommendations on the topic.
Our kids do not cease to please us with their success! L. became more diligent, attentive, learning to imitate and follow instructions; U. became more contact, diligent, the circle of interests expanded, the vocal reserve was replenished; L. became more open, emotional, learns to formulate requests; A. successfully passed the process of adaptation, expanded the range of interests; D. perfectly follows the instruction, learns to formulate thoughts correctly, to communicate; K. successfully adapted, became more attentive and inquisitive.
All the kids who regularly attend classes and do their homework have a steady positive dynamic. Doing homework helps to reinforce the skills that the child learns in the process of training. Regular attendance of classes gives the child a sense of security and confidence in the specialist, discipline, broadens the mind. This is an excellent platform for the correction of its psychophysical development. That is why we want to express our deep gratitude to all parents for fulfilling the recommendations of our specialist. Remembe, that together we are strong!


The Program “Kangaroo”




In November, 14 children attended the Kangaroo program.
The children studied the topic  “Professions” and by participating in role-playing games they were able to see in practice what it is. For example, the game "Restaurant", where there were visitors, cooks, waiters; the game "Cosmonauts", where there were builders, pilots, astronauts, etc. When visiting the cinema, the children visited cashiers, ticket collectors, bankers.
Another significant event was the visit to the shopping center "ATB". The children were able to be like customers: they took baskets, carried them around the hall, chose goods. Children were able to show independence and endurance. We are very proud of our children who have passed this exam perfectly!
With the onset of cold weather, our kids began to visit the sauna with a pool. It is great that there are places where it is always warm and cozy and where you want to come again and again. We are grateful to the “ Laguna” sauna staff, who always meet our kids with a smile and care !!!
In the classroom exercises, N. and V. learn to follow the instructions of the pedagogye, and already without hysterics, they perform certain tasks. Z. and N. in  classes perform the tasks of a teacher watching each other. In the course of work, children learn to perform elementary physical exercises, overcome an obstacle course, train endurance and coordination. In addition to physical training, children also train thinking processes, each lesson turns into an entertaining game with logical tasks.
Snow-white beauty dog Hilary again pleases the kids with her arrival. We are pleased to observe the positive dynamics of children in working with the dog. N. stopped being afraid of dogs, D. not only began to pay attention to the presence of the dog, but was also able to feed her with cookies. But the greatest achievement of J., who was able to enter the room with the dog, ran around the room and rejoiced at the presence of the animal. G.  took a lot of time to overcome his fear. And he did it!


The Project “Territory Z” (the part of the Program “Healthy Life Style”)




This month, 22 sessions were held for the participating schools of the project. A total of  118 students attended the sessions. The main topics of this month were: “I and the Money”, “I and my Emotions”, “Prevention of HIV / AIDS”, “FASD”.
During the class, issues such as the causes of addiction, the mechanisms of their formation were raised.  In the classroom about emotions, pondered over various aspects of positive and negative emotions. They learned to recognize the emotions of others and got acquainted with the techniques of self-regulation before responsible performances.
After classes on  FASD schoolchildren said that they plan to spend the New Year holidays without alcohol. New for teenagers was the fact that such diagnoses are not made in Ukraine, and there are a lot of children born with similar diseases.
In addition, classes were held at school number 42 for teachers and students in grades 5 and 6 on the topic of “Bulling”.


School Mediation




In November, 8 classes for pupils of 5-8 grades (about 200 schoolchildren) on the topic “Prevention of boiling in the school environment” were conducted by the mediators of the school service “Phoenix”.
At the request of the school administration, the mediators of the “Eridan” school service prepared and conducted trainings for 6th grade students on the topic “Is it possible to live without conflicts?” Totally attended 112 schoolchildren. Coordinator Irina also conducted a 4-day training for new mediators.
By the International Day for Tolerance, which was held on November 16, mediators of  both school services of conflict resolution took part in school-wide actions “I Am For Tolerance”. The guys have prepared information corners, games on tolerance and flash mobs.
Also in November, 5 mediations were conducted. With the question of conflict resolution, 9 students of 5, 6, 7 grades came to the mediators.
During the month, 8 sessions of mediators took place, at which the children developed scenarios for conducting trainings and classes for schoolchildren. They also shared their impressions after meetings with schoolchildren and personal opinions. So, mediator V.  told us that after holding interactive meetings with students, it is now much easier for her to communicate in everyday life and express her opinion.



The Project “I`m beautiful”


This month, all the staff of the Florence Centre have experienced pride! One day we received a call from the Zaporizhzhya Regional Department of Social Welfare and were told that  similar poject  was held in a small town Pologi.

We are very pleased that  seven participants in the project (as well as their families and friends) were able to get positive emotions and energy from the project!

Due to the high interest in the project, we began to consider the possibility of repeating the project, but with a change in the content. For example, at the request of previous participants, topic such as spirituality in old age will be included. As well as individual work with each participant on the selection of clothing style and image. Today, the main question is the search for potential sponsors.

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In November, two volunteers of the  specialty “social pedagogy” took part in the project “Territory Z (health)”. The girls helped with the quest to prevent HIV / AIDS in one of the participating schools. At the end of the event, both students expressed regret that such classes were not held in their schools when they themselves were schoolgirls.







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