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Report NOVEMBER 2017

The "Kangaroo" Program

During the month, 15 people attended the Kangaroo program.

Golden fall has come and children together with our specialist Alla during the workshop created masterpieces made of natural material: bears made of chestnuts, hedgehogs from leaflets, stamped with stamps, painted birds and many other things. Many children already independently carry out all the application processes (flip, glue, turn and glue) and drawing. Those who do not know how to do this do it with instructions.

Active classes with a speech therapist already have given their results: A. began to say whole words like "walk", "all", "tights", "aunt" (many words couldn’t repeat before); B. said the first words related to the situation (went to the specialist and ask him to "sleep"). We are very happy to observe such important successes of our pupils !!!

On musical lessons, they began preparing for the approaching Xmas holiday. Many children enjoy dancing in pairs, playing musical instruments (which they did not do before). N. already participate in the rehearsals in the solo issue.

This month we started to visit the sauna with a swimming pool. Many children who first visited the sauna do not want to leave.


We are grateful to the students of the first courses of social work and social pedagogy program of the National University, who have provided us with invaluable help in conducting field trips and walks. This month we visited our Oak trees park where we rode on a horse; the Victory Park and the park in Studencheskaya Square, where pigeons were fed, rolled on slides and swings, communicated with other children.

Our friends clowns "Smehonosy" delighted the kids with their amusing games, dances and just merry fellowship.

This month we introduced a new socially-role game "Cinema". Children buy tickets, find their places, watch cartoons on the big screen.

We also want to say a big thank to local charity organization “Zaporizhzhya Vector” and a philanthropist A. Boguslayev for the opportunity to purchase wooden and block dynamic constructors. Children develop fine motor skills, logical thinking, imagination.


The Project "School Mediation"

For the mediators of the two schools this month was as informative and interesting as the previous one.

Thanks to the active work of the mediators of the Mediation Centre "Phoenix" (school # 25), an action "Live actively - thoughts positively" was organized at the school. During the breaks various locations were organized on all floors of the school, where everyone could dance, make a wards, paint a face, write a wish and much more. Also for the students of the junior school three interactive fairy tales were prepared. During the performance, the children not only watched the actors perform, but also helped them perform different tasks.

A total of 500 schoolchildren and 40 teachers took part in the action. Next planned activity is the participation ino the All-Ukrainian action "16 days against violence".

During the month in two schools 10 meetings of mediators took place. The mediators have had training sessions on developing communicative skills and types of behavior in the conflict were discussed. Also, all mediators took an active part in the development of lectures for kids on mediation.

During the month, 4 mediation processes for schoolchildren (9 students) were conducted. Also, the mediators conducted 6 sessions for schoolchildren of elementary school on the types of behavior in the conflict.

The coordinator of one of the schools told us that there are difficulties in conducting sessions on mediation as mediators have different timetable than kids from junior classes. Therefore, children sometimes have to skip their classes in order to conduct mediation sessions for others.


The Project "I am beautiful!" - 3

This month, five meetings took place on the project "I'm beautiful!" - 3. All women took an active part in every sessions. They especially like the active forms of work (in great delight all the participants were from the gymnastics, which was conducted by our specialist Dmitry). Many people say that the information we give in class is well-known, but thanks for the sessions they managed to structure it much better.



Participants liked the topic of relationships with adult children and in-laws. During the sessions on free-time planning, most women were surprised to find out that they spend a lot of free time on children and grandchildren, but not too much on the community. Many wanted to redirect their free time to the benefit of a society.

It should be noted that during the project the participants became very close, the level of confidence in the group has increased. Therefore, women talk with interest about their lives, share their memories and even recipes!

All the participants are still delighted with their transformation. Especially everyone likes their new haircuts.


Students’ Practicum

We are very glad that there are always people who are ready to help our Centre! We are very grateful to 16 future social workers and 4 social pedagogues of Zaporizhzhya National University for their assistance to the "Kangaroo" program. Students actively participated in the life of children preparing methodical materials and walking with children.

"This is my first experience in a centre like this and I liked it. Liked the same thing what children like - to walk together!"


The Project «Territory Z» (part of the Program «Healthy Lifestyle»)

This month, 49 sessions were held for schoolchildren. The total number of children who attended the trainings is 142.

During the training, the specialists noted an increased interest in what we do.

In three classes we completed the cycle of sessions. Each child was asked to fill out the final evaluation form of the training. Some children wrote that they did not like it, because there were not enough entertaining games. Others noted that it was fun to participate and it was a very useful time. During the sessions they were able to learn more about classmates, to try different roles and just have fun.

"I was surprised to learn that our class can work together".

"I liked today's session. We did not even quarrel with Dasha".

"I remember the exercise when we untangled our hands. It was difficult, but interesting".

Also this month we held two parental meetings, attended by about 25 people. At the meeting our specialists told about the results of trainings, about the dynamics of each group. Also, talking with parents, children and teachers, we realized that very few adults know about the specifics of the age of their children. Therefore, it was decided at the next parent meeting to conduct a short lecture on the psychological characteristics of adolescence.

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