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Report MAY 2018

The Project "School Mediation"

A total of 6 sessions for mediators and 1 mediation (2 persons) were held this month.

4 preventive classes for pupils of 7 classes (67 schoolchildren) on conflicts and ways of their solution were conducted.

Mediators of the "Phoenix" Service took part in the all-school event dedicated to the Family Day and Mother's Day this month. The guys conducted 8 interactive classes for students of grades 1-4 (about 200 people) for the development of family and moral values. Also, the mediators of this service took an active part in the concert “World of Big Hearst” as volunteers of the dance station.

On the celebration devoted to the end of the school year, the administration of school No. 69 and gymnasium No. 25 handed honor certificates to all mediators for active work.

At the end of the month, the final meeting with the coordinators took place, at which the planning of the activity of the school mediation centers for the forthcoming academic year was discussed.




The Kangaroo Program


In May, the program was attended by 14 children. One diagnostic consultation with the family was carried out.

This month has become a special and meaningful event for us. In May 2018 the program "Kangaroo" celebrated the 10th anniversary of its fruitful work. In connection with this, our Center was visited by the director of the integrative complex “Kinderforderverk” for kids with special needs and our German supervisor Dr. Dieter Dammering and his Board of Directors Utah and Oliver.

Because of bad weather conditions, instead of the planned picnic on the Island of Khortitsa, the children together with their parents and specialists visited the "Fly Park" entertainment center, where trampolines, hills, colored balls, touch walls and much more were waiting for them. Parents interacted with their children, playing together and having fun together.

For the parents, was organized a meeting with Dieter, where he revealed the secrets of the upbringing and development of children with special needs.

The concluding event of the celebration was a concert "The World of Big Hearts", where our kids performed on the big stage. For one of the pupils of our program this concert was a big breakthrough. The girl behind the scenes danced the entire dance, and eventually she decided to sow up on a stage. Each participant received an unforgettable experience and confidence.

In addition to all this, our kids have daily routines: daily walks, where children were planted and watered flowers. Children enjoyed cycling, learning to pedal, and taking passengers.

Our friends clowns not only play with the kids, but also teach them the skills of interaction.

On the last day of the month, the kids visited the “ASHAN” shopping center. We had an exciting tour at the trading hall, the production halls and other premises of the shopping center. Children were happy to participate in the joint preparation of pizza, which had eaten later.

We want to note the successes of our children:

- N. has already independently overcome the distance with two crutches.

- Z. began to use phrases and short sentences in speech, the words became clear and understandable.

- J. began to pay attention to other children, to communicate with them, got used to the regime moments.


Students’ Practicum

In May, the practice for students of the Economics and Law College (specialty social work and social pedagogy) was completed. The meetings were held once a week and consisted of training sessions and practical work. In just a month, 3 classes were held, attended by 20 students.

Summarizing the results of the practice, the students noted that the practice at the "Florence" Centre brought them much more than they expected.

"I thought that it would be boring here, as everywhere: we listen to lectures, we'll see the presentations ... But now I can say that I would come here again with pleasure! Because I was able not only to expand my knowledge about the profession, but also to establish relationships with classmates. "

"I liked the sessions about emotions. I saw who and how can react in different situations. I remember this and now I will pay attention to these things in life. "


Social Action

This month the "Florence" Centre organized and conducted the ninth integrative concert "The World of Big Hearts". A total of 350 people took part in the event (schoolchildren, boarding school children, creative groups of the city and the region) and about 40 volunteers (students of the Zaporizhzhya National University, Economic and Law College, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, School of Fashion and Style).

The concert "The World of Big Hearts " was covered in the following mass media:

Newspaper “Zaporiskya Pravda, newspaper “Novy Den in Melitopol, as well as on the website of the Zaporizhzhya regional state administration, the Alex television channel, the Zaporizhzhya boarding school “Svitanok”, and Zaporizhzhya regional center of social services for the family, children and youth.


Training of Specialists of Social Sphere

In May, the staff of the Florence Centre, at the invitation of the Institute for In-Service Training for Teachers, held classes for social pedagogues and the assistants to principals of schools of the city and region. We discussed such topics as mediation in schools, the influence of the teacher's image on his relationship with the class, the establishment of positive relationships in the group, work with parents and elderly people. But most of all teachers liked practical classes, where they learned to get acquainted, establish new communication links, talk about themselves.

"This is what we need! It's a pity that the end of the school year is already over and I will not have time to realize much. But next year I will definitely try to hold such lessons at my school. "

"I have been working as a social pedagogue for the first year and for me it was not an easy year. But now I know how I will build my work from September and your exercises will help me a lot in this direction. "

"And for me it was such nostalgia! I felt like a schoolboy again! I just liked to play and chat! It's like a reboot - it's inspiring to work! "

In all, 11 lectures were held, attended by 38 people.


Participation in Seminars, Conferences

The "Florence" Center together with the Zaporizhzhya Classical Private University took part in the organization and holding of the international conference "European perspectives of the meaningful life". As speakers, scientists from the USA, Germany, Romania, Ukraine (10 participants in total) were invited. The director of Florence Centre, Lyudmila Romanenkova, provided a report on the topic: "The meaning of life - what does it mean in the difficult conditions of Ukraine?"

In all, about 100 people attended the conference. The main theses of the conference were presented in the media of the city.

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