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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Report MARCH 2018

Training of Specialists in the Social Sphere

In March we have organized a training seminar for the specialists in social work in Zaporizhzhya oblast. We presented the project "I'm beautiful!". During the meeting, were covered such topics as age characteristics of the elderly, how to be dressed properly in old age, how to work with conflicts, etc.









Social Action

In March, the staff of the "Florence" Center started the charitable action "Give a book to a soldier", initiated by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Zaporizhskya Pravda" Natalya Zvorygina. From January to March, employees of the NGO "Florence", projects participants, students and simply everyone could bring any book. Total we were able to collect about 100 books of various genres.

On the eve of the Volunteer’s Day together with journalists of the newspaper Zaporizhskya Pravda and representatives of local TV channels, the staff of the Florence Center presented their gift to the patients of the Zaporizhzhya Military Hospital. Volunteers have organized a small concert for the solders.



The «Kangaroo» Program

In March the program was attended by 14 children.

This month we celebrated the birthdays of A., D. and Z. Children got birthdays toys kangaroo, led dances, blew out candles and made holiday cards. There were a lot of games, balls, dances and good mood!

International Women's Day also took place with contests and games. All the children prepared holiday cards and flowers for their mothers and grandmothers.




This month, we made and hung a bird feeder. Every day children take bread or grains with them to feed birds. They observe the behavior of birds in nature.

The coming of spring is the awakening of all living things. The children could see this on the example of plants. Each child planted a seed in the ground (beets, pumpkins and beans), diligently watered it, and now can watch how it sprouts from the ground. For children, this has become an unforgettable experience.

In March we visited the Children's Library. Thank you very much to all the staff of the library who surrounded the children with care and attention, prepared a very interesting conversation about the professions for children, picked up books that children looked at and listened delightfully! Also in the library there is equipment for sand therapy, and many children could get unforgettable tactile experience.

Students on practicum please children with their visits. Children were able to participate in the interactive fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". Together with the wolf, they played games, and with Little Red Riding Hood they traveled through the forest. In addition, future teachers showed the puppet theater to the children, and then helped them to take part in the production of the fairy tale.

In March our kids visited the cinema” (office of the Florence Centre). Children bought tickets at the box office, showed them to the controller at the entrance, and then looked for their sits. The watch cartoons "How to become great" and "Fungus-Teremok." After watching, we talked with the children about friendship and mutual assistance, as well as about helping our relatives and friends.

Therepautic dog came to the kids with new assignments. Children became trainers: they taught the dog to jump through the hoop, give a paw, walk through cones, roll the ball. Children did all this with great interest. The children who first met with the dog Hilary, learned to hug her, and someone just watched from the side behind the playful dog.


Students’ Practicum

In March, the practicum for students-social pedagogues was over. During the practice, the students prepared presentations for schoolchildren on relevant topics, took part in the development of methodological materials for the "Florence" Center, participated in group sessions with children.

Here are some ideas we got from the participants:


"Every day I went to practice with a smile - today I will walk with children! At first I was afraid of meeting with the kids, but then I realized that they were just wonderful!"


"I liked very much that we did not just make presentations, but analyzed them and worked on the mistakes. After that, there was an inspiration and a desire to do more".

"I managed to overcome the fear of public speaking. The recommendations and support of the Center's staff helped greatly".

This month we continued our studies with students from the Economic and Legal College. Once a week, the students participate in training sessions aimed at understanding themselves and others. Such activities allow students to better understand the profession and important qualities they should develop.

"Before, I did not think about what kind of reaction my words or jokes of classmates cause. It turned out that some react very painfully to them. Henceforth, I will be more careful in statements and judgments".


The Project "Territory Z"(part of the Program «Healthy Lifestyle»)

This month we continued our work with school. Our classes are attended by almost all high school students. The guys show their interest in training. At the end of the lesson they share their impressions what they have learned about their classmates and how they help to form friendly relations. Several students refused to participate in the classes, so they simply observe from the side.

In the context of cooperation all participating schools were given books with training classes: 9 classroom leaders and each school library.



For the methodical association of class leaders of the Aleksandrovsky district, a training session of conflict resolution was performed. Most of the teachers enjoyed exercises very much, although some teachers were somewhat uneasy with the fact that it was necessary to actively play and move around the class. All teachers were very much interested in the idea of ​​creating centers for conflict resolution in schools.

During the holidays in one of the schools, a practical lesson was held in the form of a quiz to familiarize the teachers with the foreign experience of sex education of children. English and American test tasks were used as examples. A number of issues, according to teachers, can not be teached for our children, because they are very open. In all, about 45 people attended the meeting.


Participation in Seminars and Conferences

In March, the staff of the "Florence" Center participated in two-days MCC summit. The main topic was team work. The summit gathered a large number of non-governmental organizations that implement social programs in all areas, ages and problems. This work is with HIV-infected, with temporarily displaced persons, children with disabilities, at risk groups, etc. Such seminars provide an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the activities of other organizations and to look for ways of joint implementation of projects.


The Project "I am beautiful!" - 4

This month we summed up the project "I'm beautiful!" - 4. Women received long-awaited portraits and calendars. They were very happy to find new friends, to participate in social initiatives, to talk about new meaning in life at old age, etc.










This month, a consultation was held for a teenage girl and her mother on communication problems in adolescence.


Our work was presented in two local media programs - TV Alex, TV-5.

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