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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Report June 2018

The Project "I am Beautiful!"

On the invitation of the Voznesenovsky territorial center, the staff of the Florence Center attended the final sessions  of  the project "I'm Beautiful -5!" The group worked according to the plan of the Florence Center project, but the staff of the territorial center also introduced some other forms of work. It was especially gratifying to see the creative attitude towards such projects. The project leader added such a theme as "Spirituality in the Silver Age of Life". It is remarkable that for the last session young  hairdressers and make-up artists were involved, who brought their models to the stage.


Students’ Practicum


In June, 3 students of the 2nd course of the Zaporizhzhya National University (Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology, specialty "Social Pedagogy") came to our practice. The guys actively helped the "Kangaroo" program: they took part in walks with children, group classes, excursions. Also, the students prepared and delivered a presentation of lectures for high-school  students on preparation for family life and budget planning. During the practice, the students helped the Florence Center office in various methodical work.

It should be noted that some students were practically not ready for interaction with children. They were afraid to approach the kids, play with them and did not become the initiators of communication. Also, students noted that they already understood that the profession of a social pedagogue is not a profession that they would like to devote their lives to.


The «Kangaroo» Program

 The Kangaroo program provides early social rehabilitation for children with special needs from 0 to 7 years.

In June the group was visited by 13 children.

The 1st of June is the Children's Day holiday. The children had fun, danced, played funny games and received many gifts. Thanks to the shopping center "Auchan", the kids got wonderful gifts for the holiday!

 In summer we began to introduce elements of tempering for children: washing their feet with cold water after walking and swimming in the pool. Many children already independently carry out all processes: they take off their shoes, wash their feet, wipe themselves with a towel. Bathing in the inflatable pool helps to rally children, teaches them to share toys and enjoy the joint games.

Together with the children, we visited the pet store "Fun", where children could admire funny kittens, play with them, listen to chirping parrots and watch the nimble squirrels.

 Also this month we made a walk to the Alexander Park. The children rode on swings and roundabouts,  learned to interact with other children on the playground.

The final event of this year was a picnic in the Oak Park. Children fed ducks on the river, painted on the asphalt, made gymnastics with music in the park, played games, and rested on the ground. The tent, balls and natural materials made our walk even more fun and exciting.

 The speech therapist has already completed work with children for this year. She met with the parents, gave to each child individual homework for the summer.

Very pleased with the results of the creative workshop: the children made cheerful octopuses, collected the room for toys Masha and Misha, painted a fairy-tale castle for the princess and many other interesting activities where children can show their creativity, develop fine motor skills and learn assiduity.

 The kids went to the cinema to watch the cartoon "Sack of Apples", which teaches children to share and be friendly with everyone. After watching the cartoon was a discussion with the children about the content.

We are very pleased with the positive changes in our kids. G. began to take an active part in the classes on the development of fine motor skills, perform tasks, respond to instructions with the help of a teacher. M. allows tactile contact (the problem was even to take the hand, walking across the road), now she can approach  children, touch them  and , smile.




Methodical work

This month, employees of the Florence Center did the planning of activities for 2018 -2019 academic year. We were actively engaged in methodical work: preparation of new lectures, presentations, methodological materials for the program "Territory Z" for schoolchildren, teachers and parents. Topics were defined and a plan of new lectures was drawn up: "Preparation for family life", "Happiness", "How to plan the budget", "What the teacher should know about violence (bullying)". Also, training materials were updated on topics that were used earlier ("FASD", "HIV / AIDS"). Based on the results of work in the project, methodical guides for teachers are being prepared.

Also this month, work was planned on the project "School Mediation" for the next academic year. For the work, materials from foreign sources on the work of mediation centers in the North America were prepared.

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