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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Main » 2017 » February » 9 » REPORT: JANUARY 2017

Training of Specialists of Social Sphere


This month we held a workshop for students of the Institute of postgraduate education (social pedagogues and psychologists). During the sessions we discussed the topic of effective planning of working time, work with children at risk, with children with special needs, developing relationships with senior teachers, work with parents, sexual education in schools, etc. The seminar was attended by 20 people. 

The participants noted the usefulness of such a workshop and expressed their desire to invite us to their schools. Here are some feedbacks about the event:

"Thank you so much for the seminar, I was very inspired by new ideas!"

"I'm so glad I finally heard how to build relationships with senior colleagues".

“I figured out how to prioritize the most important and less important things at work, it really reduced my stress. Thank you!!"


The Program "Healthy Lifestyle"

In January we were asked by teachers from different schools to do trainings for the 5th grade to help children to be more friendly. Our staff gladly agreed to help and already held the first sessions in two schools.


The Project "Territory Z"(part of the Program “Healthy Lifestyle)

According to our plan, we have conducted several sessions to help children to get an idea about healthy lifestyle. We have tried to give students not only theory but also practice. For this, we have invited people who through their lives were able to show how to stay healthy. Teens enjoyed the meetings and asked questions how to be healthy in 30th, and 40th. The guests told the students how to eat healthy food, to do morning exercises, how to respect other people, enjoy friendship, to remain calm in life, etc. To prove that guests are in good physical shape, we conducted a small competition. For example to stand on hands. The students tried very hard to win, but the guests have won.

Here is some feedback from teens:

 "Of course, I knew that teeth should be brushed twice a day. But that it is necessary to clean the tongue and there is a special device for this I did not even know".

"I would also like to learn to stand on my hands, as our guest!"

"I had heard about yoga but never tried it. Today I could even do some exercises. I liked it!"

In addition, we surprised the teens with a new task: development and realization of charitable projects. It's no wonder we talked about the spiritual component of health – helping others, how to become better! The winners will get gifts. The competition of the projects was planned to be organized between classes, between schools. For the pupils this task was very difficult – it's not just listening to a teacher, you have to do good deeds. High school students came up with many interesting ideas.

We also continued supporting groups for teachers. We are very glad that teachers the participants of the group are the mentors of the classes we work with.

In cooperation with one of the schools we participated in a seminar for the methodical Association of class teachers of the fifth grades. We spoke about forms and methods of extracurricular work with students on team-building. Teachers were interested in our experience and now they are planning to implement it in their classes. The feedback from teachers about the seminar: "We thought it would be a boring theory, but today it was so interesting and it was fun!"



The "Kangaroo" Program


During the month, 15 families attended the "Kangaroo" program.

In January children and colleagues of the Centre "Florence" made dumplings with potatoes. It was very interesting and fun, none of the kids was left out!

We also celebrated birthdays of Z. and N.  A lot of songs, games, dances, greetings, wishes sounded on this day. Children got birthday gifts, and soft toys kangaroos, which brought to us Otto and Florence Driedger.

Another tradition is in cold winter weather to visit a sauna with a swimming pool. The kids were very delighted to swim     ` in the pool, stay in the sauna.

Thanks to the regular sessions with a speech therapist, we began to notice children's development of diction.

This month the program "Kangaroo", and the parents of our pupils participated in all-Ukrainian forum "Parents for early intervention in Ukraine". One of the main themes of the press conference were: Early intervention in childhood – the prevention of disability in the future!

We are very happy about the fact that the program "Kangaroo" also involved in other programs of the Center "Florence". For example, in the framework of the program "Healthy generation" our specialist told the students how a healthy lifestyle helps him to combat colds, helps to improve the quality of health in general.

This month Matthew J. began to eat by himself, actively participated in group activities, started to contact with children, actively use new words.

I. began to work without help in group activities (during the modeling, application, drawing, design).

V. helps to carry out exercises, musical activities, wash hands before eating to other kids.


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