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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Report FEBRUARY 2018

The «Kangaroo» Program

In February the group was visited by 13 children. This month 2 diagnostic consultations were conducted. The group began to visit the new boy Z. In February, we have a new service - one of the types of zoo therapy - canistherapy (communication with the dog). The children got acquainted with the dog Hilary: they fed it, combed , trained , hugged, played with it. Many children immediately established contact with the animal, and for some it became a problem, so specialists gradually help them get rid of fear.

The children visited the cinema, where they watched with pleasure the informative cartoon "Malyshariki". As a result, the children learned a lot of interesting things about winter and winter entertainment.

We continue classes with a speech therapist and music therapist. Swimming in the pool with balls gives children a lot of positive emotions. Daily walks in the fresh air, sledging, snowballing - all these helps children to be more healthy. During different classes children learn poems, perform rhythmic exercises.

Every day kids have lessons in the creative workshop which encourages new ideas. Especially children liked hedgehogs with painted needles (using disposable dishes). This month we celebrated the Maslenitsa festival: we painted Winter, we made pancakes from dough, we met spring. Clowns "Smehonosy" again make kids happy with funny games and excellent mood.

Children really enjoy the classes with Dmitry (our therapist) on the Gross simulator: N. learns to walk independently, keep his balance; D. Learns how to coordinate the movements; A. learns to feel his body in space.

We are very pleased with the changes in our children: A. began to contact with children (to be friends, to show emotions to another child); J. was able to remain without a mother for a long time (2-3 hours). Also we began to actively prepare for the annual integrative concert.

Thank you very much students and volunteers for walks, creative studies and preparation of teaching materials!


Students` Practicum

In February, another 10 students of the Zaporizhzhya National University of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology came to our practice and 21 students of the Economic and Law College. The guys gladly participated in all the proposed activities: they help in the preparation of methodological material for the “Kangaroo” program, take part in walking with children, participate in training sessions, prepare presentations for schoolchildren, etc.

During the conversation with one of the leaders of the practice from the university, our specialists were surprised to learn that not the best students are sent to the Florence Center for practice. Often these are some of the most difficult students. "After the practice at the Florence Centre students become more professionally oriented, learn more diligently and in general have a kind of revolution in mind and behavior, "- shared the professor from the University.

During participation in trainings, students not only establish positive relationships with each other, but also learn new methods and forms of work.

"I like this kind of informal communication in a group. For us it is unusual, but very interesting. I began to learn a lot about my classmates. This is all new to me, since I did not communicate with anyone at the University. "

"I like that today I was able to get useful knowledge and new interesting techniques that will help me in the future work. At the same time it is always fun to be here! Time passes so quickly here! "

"Sometimes you come depressed, with some problems. But after sessions feel so well!! And the problems no longer seem so complex and unsolvable."



The Project "Territory Z" (part of the Program "Healthy Lifestyle")

In connection with the announced epidemic of flue in the city, almost all the month the schools were closed and there was no possibility to conduct classes. Our specialists managed to hold only 4 sessions.

After such a long break, experts noted a decrease in the level of trust in the coach and in the group as a whole. But thanks to interesting exercises, the guys again actively participated.

"I thought that our class does not know how to work together. And today I suddenly saw that we can. Yes, and so easy! It's so cool!"






The Project "School Mediation"

In total, 4 sessions for mediators and 1 mediation for schoolchildren (2 pupils from 5th grade) were held in a month as schools were closed.

Two preventive classes for students of 6th classes (approximately 49 schoolchildren) on development of skills of effective conflict resolution were conducted.

In one of the schools was published an article about the Centre for Conflict Resolution at school. The mediators answered with joy and pride the questions of the school journalist. The article was available to all students, parents and teachers of the gymnasium.

One of the coordinators made a presentation for teachers about the work of mediators at school (approximately 40 teachers). It was related to problems of suicidal behavior of some of teens. And how mediators could help in the prevention of such a behavior. As coordinator Irina told us later, she was very pleased to hear the positive feedback from colleagues about the importance and relevance of the work of the mediators.

As part of the future planning for five years, the administration of one of the schools put forward a proposal to continue to develop a Conflict Resolution Centre. We believe that this shows confidence and recognition of the importance and relevance of the service.

As a reminder of the work of the Conflict Resolution Centre, in another school the hand-outs with information were pasted into the diaries of all schoolchildren from grades 5 to 11(539 students).

At the end of February, the meeting of the coordinators was held at the "Florence" Center. During the conversation, both specialists shared the nearest plans for the activities of their services. Mediators have already started developing new presentations on the development of communication skills, work with self-esteem and ways to prevent conflicts. Also, the coordinators shared that the mediators had already acquired enough experience and skills to conduct classes for the high school. Previously, the guys felt insecure, they feared that their peers would start mocking at them.

One of the coordinators told us that at the meetings of mediators come even those children who, due to illness, do not attend school. This indicates the great role of the mediator team in the life of each of them.

As a concern, both coordinators mentioned that part of the mediators will finish school this year and there will be a need to invite and educate new schoolchildren.

Also, the coordinators and mediators suggested to us to visit them more often with new trainings or exercises. As a new form of work with schoolchildren, the staff of the "Florence" Center suggested to provide the circle of decision-making, the circle of solving problems, etc.

At the end of the meeting our employees saw that the coordinators are full of energy, enthusiasm and desire to continue their work. They are open to new methods and forms of work. They want to attract new students for the purpose of training new mediators.



The Project "I am beautiful!" - 4

In February, 4 sessions were held on the project "I'm beautiful!". The participants of the project got acquainted with such topics as conflicts, positive thinking, relationships with older children and how to dress properly in adulthood.

In addition to training sessions this month, the participants were waiting for a transformation. Women visited the education centre “ Estetic Education” where all were impatiently awaited by specialists in dyeing and haircutting. Also everyone was waiting for a photo session with the professional photographer Elena Zavyalova-Pryadan.



In general, after the end of each classes the women do not want to leave our office, they experience the joy of communication. Our specialists heard that after sessions people are in a better mood and looking at older people as an example, younger participants are becoming more enthusiastic to do something. The project charges with optimism. However, not all people agree to change externally and for some it is difficult to realize that children have grown up and you cannot tell them how to live.

"I have a feeling that I have to help my grandchildren all the time. And this is very pressing. But it turns out - I owe them nothing. Only if I am asked I would help."

"Usually I immediately say, and then I think, now I realize that it was necessary to think before you say something. And whether you need to say anything at all. "

"I understand everything, but it's hard not to blame someone. Especially children. But we learn - we will try. "



Participation in Seminars, Conferences

In February, our specialists attended the seminar of the City Social work agency on innovative forms of work with the elderly. Participants were provided with master classes in dance and drawing.

Also this month our colleagues visited a training seminar from our partners - the Mennonite Central Committee. The seminar was attended by representatives of 15 different organizations from all over Ukraine, who work in education, health and peacekeeping.









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