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Report December 2018

The Program “Healthy Life Style”




       At the request of the class teacher, the staff of the “Florence Centre” spoke at the parent’s meeting in the 6th grade of school No. 42 with the theme “Adolescence Period”.
For schoolchildren of the 4th grade of school No. 52, a lesson on sexuality education “I am growing up!” was developed and conducted.
The boys were a little embarrassed, it was clear that they did not discuss the issues of growing up with parents or anybody. But the guys at the same time participated in the discussion and asked many questions.
For girls was done similar presentation. They eagerly asked questions and discussed the information they had heard. The girls also said that nobody discussed this topic with them.
In January, at the request of the class teacher, a lesson in  8th grade of school No. 42 on the topic of “Bulling” is scheduled.


The Project “Territory Z” (the part of the Program “Healthy Life Style”)




In December, the last classes were held with pupils of school No. 5 (11th and 10th grades) and school No. 42 (11th grade). Upon completion of the classes a final survey was conducted. From the questionnaires we learned that a lot of the information for the guys turned out to be very useful. For example, many schoolchildren noted the topics “Internet Dependancy”, “How to plan a Budget”, etc. The children would like to learn more about the communication skills, about the  prevention of mental illness, etc.
Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, work with pupils of the 11th grade of school No. 38 was not carried according to the plan.
Within the framework of the project “Territory Z”, employees of the “Florence Centre” made presentations at the teachers-parents meeting of 10th grade school No. 42 with the theme of "Bulling." The topic turned out to be veryimportant, parents had questions during the meeting. It  was proposed to jointly discuss the issues raised by parents with the class teacher and the psychologist on the issues of violence at school.
Since January, classes on the project “Territory Z” are continuing for two 9th grades in schools No. 5 and No. 38.


The Project “Baby Kangaroo”




During December, 7 children attended classes on the project “Baby Kangaroo”. One  consultation for a new family was held. This month, traditionally, our specialists organized and conducted a training seminar for parents on the topic: “Emotional burnout of a parent. Ways of self-help ". We are very pleased that we managed to create a space where parents of special children can not only receive a lot of useful information and practical recommendations, but also share personal experience, their victories and achievements in raising and educating a child.
The year is coming to an end, and we are seeing persistent positive dynamics in our little ones! K. actively learns new skills, successfully fulfills the tasks of a specialist; L. became more diligent, attentive, talkative, better follows instructions, there is a positive dynamics in the development of small and large motor skills of a child; U. builds phrases, perfectly follows instructions, remembers the structure of sessions; L. expanded the range of interests and skills, at the moment the child is successfully learning imitation; D. learns to communicate,  tries to know more about other kids, masters basic communication skills; formulates thoughts better using phrasal communication; S. successfully adapted, start to be in contact, sociable.
We are sincerely glad that we have the opportunity to be involved in such wonderful changes that occur with our kids! After all, the greatest joy for us is the eyes of parents, filled with happiness and gratitude, and the children who are looking forward to the meeting and the next classes!



The “Kangaroo” Program



    In December, 15 children attended the “Kangaroo” program.
December is the beginning of winter, preparation for the holiday, matinees - our kids had a lot of impressions this month.
     Visiting the sauna with a swimming pool has already become a very good winter tradition. Children enjoy swimming in the pool, steaming in the steam room, drinking hot herbal tea. Many children have already ceased to be afraid of steam. Someone first visited the pool, which was a great joy for them.
          In this month's classes, the guys not only prepared for the holidays, but also got a new life experience. For example, in the music classes, kids from the “Baby Kangaroo” project joined us. This aroused children's interest and gave a new experience of communication with peers. 
     In the classes with the dog Hilary, the children had to tell and show what to take on a picnic. While watc
hing the cartoon “Winter Tale”, children learned what changes occur in nature in winter, which animals are already sleeping, and who are Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
At meetings with clowns, boys and girls got the experience of informal communication. Learned to have fun and amuse others.
In the workshops, the children made crafts, gifts and toys for the New Year holiday.

Our kids also received memorable and tasty gifts on St. Nicholas Day and on New Years Day.
The celebration of the New Year was fun, with dances, songs. On the matinee kids enjoyed themselves with fabulous characters. Hypermarket “Auchan”  gave children a lot of positive e
motions - gifts, dance, games, a moment of “relaxation”. The children prepared a New Year tree for “Auchan”, which was solemnly presented to its representatives.
The final event of this year was a trip to the House of Culture Drobyazko on the New Year tree and the “Thumbelina” performance. Many children gladly took part in New Year's fun, contests, watched the New Year's performance. For some kids, it was a challenge, but we are glad that the kids have the opportunity to learn and get such social experience.


School Mediation

This month 6 meditations were held, during which 14 students of 5-7 grades were able to solve conflict situations with the help of mediators. Two complex meditations (4 schoolchildren) were conducted personally by the coordinator of the school service “Phoenix”.
According to the mediators who first conducted meditation, a positive resolution of conflicts gives a new impetus and energy to move on with an understanding of the importance and usefulness of the work of mediators.
Also, mediators continue to work on the prevention of bulling and violence in the adolescent environment. Mediators conducted interactive classes for students of 7 classes (56 students). Together, they were able to analyze  the real situations of physical and psychological pressure among classmates. Observations on students of these classes allowed the coordinator to conclude that there is still a slight but steady improvement in the relationship between children.
Through the efforts of the mediators of the school service “Eridan”, the New Year quest for pupils of grades 9-10 was developed and held, in which 28 people took part.
Also in December, employees of the “Florence Centre” attended  the sessions of mediators in both schools. We came to each school with small gifts and interesting exercises that mediators can use in future work with schoolchildren.


Training of Specialists of Social Sphere


The «Florence Centre” continues to cooperate with the Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education. Employees of the “Florence Centre” participated in the examination for the selection of personnel in the resource center at the institute. The resource center will assist children with special needs and families.


Work with Grants


For several months, the staff of the “Florence Centre” worked on writing a grant application for the establishment of school mediation centers. In December, we received confirmation of project funding for two schools in the city of Zaporizhzhya. The grant is for one year. The selection of schools for potential participants in the School Mediation project has begun.


Students` Practicum


In December, the “Florence Centre” again signed an agreement with the Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzha National University on the admission of students to practice. This will again be future social pedagogues and social workers. We are waiting for the first group of students at the end of January.







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