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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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Report APRIL 2018

Participation in Seminars and Conferences

In April, experts of the Florence Centre took part in the conference "Experience and Perspectives of the Development of Inclusive Education in Ukraine: Regional Aspects". The Program is supervised by President’s wife Marina Poroshenko. The issues of integration of children with special needs in the Zaporozhye region (Zaporozhye) were considered.

This month our employees took part in the educational fair "Education in the USA" (Kiev). Within the framework of the speech, they shared information on the use of the internship experience in the USA in the work of the Florence Center as a base for students and colleges. The listeners showed a high level of interest in such an experience, especially Masters and teachers of Ukrainian universities.



Also this month, our colleagues spoke at the Internet seminar of Glukhov National University on innovative technologies of work with school teachers. Participants of the conference were offered a game form of work to consolidate knowledge - a quiz. Our employees shared their impressions of this work in the school and noted that teachers were pleased to participate in the quiz on sex education. However, a number of questions aroused laughter,audience could not answer a number of questions.

In April, a meeting was held with the long-time partner of the Florence Center, Boris Letkeman, the director of the Mennonite family home. All the staff of the Center were pleased to hear a lecture on the history of Mennonites in Russia and Ukraine on the example of Boris’s family. The story so shocked the audience with the depth of the dramatic events that some were crying.





The Project "Territory Z"(part of the Program «Healthy Lifestyle»)

In April, we held the sessions for schoolchildren in two classes in two schols (9 meetings, 38 students). In one class it was very difficult to organize sessions, because both children and teachers were constantly engaged in various activities. But we are very grateful to the teachers who gave their lessons for our studies. Some guys at first ran away from school and did not attend our trainings. But over time, they really liked what was happening at the training sessions and no one even noticed that the lesson was over and it's time to go home.

At the last lesson, the teens shared their impressions of the training. First of all schoolchildren enjoyed that they became friends thanks to trainings. There was a very cheerful comment from a 10th grade student who said that he always waited for delicious prizes (we brought sweets sometimes!).

"Classes were also very interesting! It's unusual to sit in a circle like this! "

"I was happy to raise my self-esteem. And it turned out that my classmates treat me much better than I thought. "

After completing the lessons one girl approached the trainer and said: "Can I hug you?" After her, a few more girls approached and hugged the coach. Probably, we did not in vain come to school with such a project!



The Project "School Mediation"

In total, 6 mediator sessions and 4 mediations (6 people) were held in a month.

10 preventive classes for students of grades 5-9 (about 255 schoolchildren) were conducted to develop skills for effective communication and constructive conflict resolution.

Coordinator of the school service "Eridan" Irina in April held a practical lesson for teachers on the solution of school conflicts (30 people) and training for parents, which also discussed the issue of the conflicts and how school mediation centre could help. Irina also prepared a small report on the work of the centre and shared it with teachers of grades 5-9 who told about this work for parents at the meetings (230 people).

Also this month the mediator worked with a pupil of the 8th grade on the issue of the conflict with a teacher. The teacher refused to take part in mediation, so coordinator Irina consulted each side individually.

An important moment for the development of the "Phoenix" service was the interview of a coordinator Irina for the newspaper "Verge". The psychologist shared with the local community the main principles, goals, content and successes of the centre of mediation.

Also the manifestation of the recognition of the active social position of the "Phoenix" centre was the invitation of mediators to do the presentation of the school newspaper.

At the end of the month, a general meeting of the mediators of the two schools was held. This time the host was the "Phoenix" centre. The guys were very responsible in arranging the event. In an easy, playful way, all the participants shared their experience of mediation and training for schoolchildren. Interesting was the fact that the experience of working as a mediator helped to determine their path in life - many guys wanted in the future to choose a profession to help people. The coordinator of one of the schools said: "I always dreamed of something like that! That's exactly the kind of center I imagined. "

At this meeting our colleagues from the Mennonite Central Committee were present.



The «Kangaroo» Program

In April, 15 children attended the "Kangaroo" program, 2 new children joined the group who undergo adaptation, get used to the regime moments.

In April, we celebrated the birthday of A. Children already know in advance all the congratulatory rituals, and they help to conduct it: distribute festive caps to children, light a candle, give a gift to the birthday person.

On musical lessons we are actively preparing for an integrative concert: children dance with ribbons, clap and sing. Classes are fun, dynamic, using logorithmics. Volunteer students help in the preparation for the concert, as well as during walks in the street. Every day during walks we feed birds, water the flowers on the street, play active and story games.

We want to note the achievements of some children in the classroom with a speech therapist:

- A. folds the tales of the pictures, calls the depicted heroes;

- Z. learned how to blow bubbles, clear words began to appear;

- A. learned to say "paka" ("for now"), and wave his hand at parting.

We actively use PEX cards, we draw them together with children. Thus, children plan their activities independently, and make up the regime of the day.

By Easter holidays in the creative workshop they made crafts, holiday cards - appliqués, painted and painted eggs for Easter.

Classes on canister, with the dog Hilary, give children a lot of positive emotions. This form of work contributes to the emotional and mental development of children, concentrates children's attention, teaches observation, reveals creativity and leadership qualities.

In the classroom with clowns, children play story-role games, learn to interact with new people.

At the end of the month, they began to visit the pool in the children's regional hospital. Classes in the pool make children more hardy, special exercises with balls and gymnastic sticks contribute to the physical development of children.



Students’ Practicum


This month we continued our studies with students from the Economic and Legal College (two groups). Meetings are held once a week for each group and consist of training sessions and practical work. Many students began to talk about the fact that their relationship with the group has changed. Now it is much more comfortable and pleasant for them to be next to each other.

"Our communication has become more trusting. I feel now much more confident in college. "

"I liked the exercise when we held hands. This is an incredible sense of support! When you know that you will be supported and will not let fall! "

"For me, it's amazing that you can honestly and openly say that I did not like some exercise. And for this no one criticizes or criticizes. "

In total 8 lessons were held, attended by 20 students.



In April a detailed article about the activities of the Florence Center was published in the local newspaperVerge. First of all, the media was interested in information about the projects "I'm beautiful", the "Kangaroo" program and work in schools.

Within the framework of the World Day for Dissemination of Information on the Problem of Autism, journalists of local television interviewed one of the specialists of the Kangaroo program. The main issue discussed was recommendations to parents raising children with an autistic spectrum disorder.

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