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Main » 2018 » September » 11 » Annual Report 2017 – 2018 Part 2.
Annual Report 2017 – 2018 Part 2.

Annual Report

2017 – 2018 Part 2.



The Project "I am Beautiful!"



Completing the work with the second group of women, none of the staff of the "Florence Centre” could even believe how much resonance would cause this project in the city.
During the period from 2017 to 2018, two more groups of women were trained. In the third and fourth groups of the project "I am beautiful!" were included women aged from 51 to 85 years. In total, 22 women from different parts of the city passed the training.
Each group listened to 10 classes on various topics. The topic covered the issues of planning of free time, relationships in the family, make-up, body care, the style of clothes and other topics. Enjoyable was the topic of love in old age. As the coaches of the project noted, at first it seemed that these questions were of least interest to the participants of the project. But later the participants admitted that after the sessions they realized that there was true love in their life and that it is possible to meet somebody special at any age.
In the lesson on free time planning, it turned out that almost all participants do a lot for community: they help the front, bake bread and collect things for soldiers; help in hospitals, shelters and boarding schools.
The third group of participants especially liked - active exercises, training workouts. But the greatest delight was caused by physical exercises, which were conducted by the physical rehabilitation specialist of the “Florence Centre” Dmitry.
During the summing-up of the work with each group, staff of the “Florence Centre” noted that the eyes of each woman shone in a special way. They improved their self-esteem. Many participants noted that the information they receive in the classroom is well-known; but the way it was presented helped some of them to structure the knowledge and get answers to a number of important questions.
Very important for each group of participants was the possibility of changing their image. Thanks to the help of the specialists of the training centre "Estetic Education", each woman managed to pick up the haircut, hair color and make-up, which not only improved their appearance significantly, but also made others admire them!
In general, a large team of professionals worked with each group of the project "I am beautiful!" It's psychologists, colorists, make-up artists, hairdressers, and even photographers! According to the staff, the work on the project brought them not only a new experience, but also fun. In some instances people found joy, could look at their life in a new way, and just wanted to live - our project inspired them to do it!
Information about the work of the project "I am beautiful!" was shared at Moscow City Pedagogical University. And we got positive feedback from them. The specialists who got acquainted with the content of the project, after seeing the presentations "Before and After", as well as video from the fashion show of elderly women, gave us a very emotional feedback: "Just super! "
Also last year, the staff of the "Florence Centre met with the participants of the first and second groups of the project "I am beautiful!". The total number of women who came to the meeting were 24 people. We wanted to know what had changed in their lives, what information was useful, what they use in their lives today.
Here are some statements by the participants: "We have learned to think positively whatever happens in your life!"; "We learn how to deal with a conflict"; "In general the project for us was like a fairy tale!"; "Thanks to the project, I began to be more positive about myself, started to pay more attention to my appearance "; "I began to interact better with my mother-in-law"; "I began to do more for people, thanks to the project."
After we held a training seminar on the peculiarities of the organization of the project "I'm beautiful", we were happy to become known in Zaporizhzhya geriatric boarding house – they started a similar project! Specialists of the boarding house for elderly adapted most of the classes to their own conditions and even included men in the groups.
Specialists of the social work agency of one of the districts of the city managed to organize a set of groups and conduct similar classes in a very short period of time. The staff of the "Florence Centre” visited the final meeting of the participants of the project. The event was organized jointly with one of the vocational schools in Zaporizhzhya, whose students and masters actively helped in the transformation of women.
Looking at the participants of the project, our employees could rejoice that the project continues! It brings extraordinary joy to people and gives them not only positive emotions, but also faith in themselves and people.
Quite unexpectedly the local newspaper “Verge” became interested in the project "I am beautiful!" Journalists of the newspaper wrote a long article, where a significant part was devoted to the information about an unusual project.
"Through participation in the project, I learned to restrain myself. Before, I could not listen to people, and now I'm watching my behavior, I do not interrupt. I became beautiful, smart and beloved! My son began to kiss me!"


"I wanted to change something in myself during the project. Sitting in the hairdressing salon, I looked at myself differently. It turns out that you can look like a woman at that age! In me, something that I have hidden for a long time flashed ... I want to live again!


"I am always haunted by the feeling that I need to help my grandchildren. And this is very pressing. But it turns out - I owe them nothing. Only if asked. Will learn how to do this."


"I understand everything, but it's hard not to blame someone. Especially children. But we learn - we will try!"




Students’ Practicum



Last year the "Florence Centre” accepted for practice 75 students!
40 people are students of the Economic and Law College of the Zaporizhzhya National University ("social work" and "social pedagogy"). 33 people are future social pedagogues and social workers of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology of the same University. And one Master student from the Department of Sociology and Management. One student (psychologist) was from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University. For 20 students of the university, an introductory lesson was conducted within the framework of the course "Introduction to the profession." The guys listened with interest to the specifics of the organization's activities; in practice they got acquainted with the specifics of working with children with special needs (playing active games, helping in class), asking clarifying questions. Several students expressed a desire to try themselves as volunteers of the "Kangaroo" program.
Students happily took part in all the proposed activities: they helped in the preparation of methodological material for the Kangaroo program, participated in walks with children, got acquainted with the training form of work, prepared presentations for schoolchildren to promote healthy lifestyles, etc.
During the conversation with one of the leaders of the practice from the university, our specialists were surprised to learn that sometimes not the best students are sent to the “Florence Centre”. "After the practice at your centre "the guys become more friendly, learn more diligently and in general they have a kind of revolution in mind and behavior. Students more responsibly perceive other types of practice and realize the importance of the profession " said the head.
During the participation in the training the students not only established positive relationships with each other, but also learned new methods and forms of work.
It is worth noting that many students initially were reluctant to attend practice. However, when the children realized that they were approaching their studies not formally but creatively and enthusiastically, they then began to attend all classes with pleasure.
Many students who visited the Florence Centre participated in the preparation and holding of the integrative concert "World of Big Hearts”. The guys helped during the preparation of methodological materials and acted as volunteers at the event. Participation in the event gave them not only a lot of positive emotions, but also helped change attitudes towards people with special needs, as well as gave more ideas about the work of social pedagogues and social workers.
In the context of the practice of students and their subsequent activities as volunteers, the staff of the Florence Centre took part in the festive meeting of the Volunteer Club of the Department of Sociology and Management of Zaporizhzhya National University. And also attended a festive concert dedicated to the celebration of the Decade of Economic and Legal College.
"I like this kind of informal communication in a group. For us it is unusual, but very interesting. I began to learn a lot about my classmates. This is all new to me, since I did not communicate with anyone during classes. "



"I thought that it would be boring here, as everywhere: we listen to lectures, we'll see the presentations... But now I can say that I would come here again with pleasure! Because was able not only to expand my knowledge about the profession, but also to establish relationships with classmates."



"I managed to overcome the fear of public speaking. The recommendations and support of the Centre's staff helped greatly. "








Social Actions



Last year NGO "Florence" acted as an intermediary for the social action of the training center "Estetic Education". A session of hairdressing art was organized for pupils of the Tavrichesky Disability House. For 12 girls, masters and students of the training center told about the peculiarities of hair and skin care, made stylish haircuts and styling.
Also, the staff of the "Florence Centre” managed to participate in the charity action "Give a book to a soldier", initiated by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Zaporizkya Pravda" Natalya Zvorygina. From January to March, employees of the "Florence", project participants, students and simply everyone could bring any book. Total managed to collect about 100 books of various genres and years of publishing. On the eve of the Volunteer Day together with journalists of the newspaper "Zaporizkya Pravda" and representatives of local TV channels, the staff of the "Florence Centre presented their gift to the patients of a military hospital. In addition, a small concert was organized for the solders.
Students of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology within the framework of the training course prepared and implemented a project on landscape design of a small flower bed near the Centre. Two students brought seedlings of different perennial flowers and, together with the kids of the Kangaroo program, planted them. Kids promised that they would take care of the flowers, to water and not trample the plants.
In the spring, the Centre again held an annual integrative concert "The World of Big Hearts". For the ninth year, ordinary schoolchildren and children with special needs have traditionally entered the stage. This year, a playground for dancing and fun was a cozy recreation center of a car factory "ZAZ". Participation was attended by more than 350 children from Zaporizhzhya and the region.
The event was held in a new location, as the technical equipment of the recreation center "ZAZ" was at a very high level of use. By the way, the staff of the Palace of Culture very warmly accepted the idea of holding the concert; all the staff provided the maximum assistance in the organization of activities.
According to the long established tradition, before the concert we had all kinds of games, funny clowns, games, competitions from student volunteers, a shop of prizes with a wide assortment of goods, karaoke, master classes, etc ... There was no time to be bored!
In the concert part, the idea of joint numbers became new for the organizers. On one scene immediately went out ordinary schoolchildren, along with children having special needs. The most emotional for spectators was the number of the pupils of school № 42 Kravtsov Danil and pupils of the boarding school "Dzherelo". The ninth-grader sang a touching song about his mother, and hard-of-hearing children "sang" in sign language. The number of the pupil of the school No. 38 Bobkova Maria and the dancing group "Barbariki" (boarding school "Svitanok") became very bright and very exciting. By the way, cheerful "Barbariki" on this day came out on stage three times. And each time it was hard for spectators to sit still - their feet started dancing.
For such a small organization as ours, this concert requires a lot of resources, both financial and human. Every year comes the thought that maybe we do not need to invest so much effort. But when you see how happy children are, how mothers cry and rejoice, when they see children on stage, how much fun the teachers and the staff of the Centre get... Next year, the decision to hold a similar concert again somehow comes by itself. Such events are necessary for people, concerts like this awake love and kindness of people to each other.
All the staff of the Centre are very happy when there are patrons in the city who are ready to support initiatives and contribute to the organization of events. So, thanks to the support of the hypermarket Auchan-Zaporizhzhya and the head of the Service for Children Matveeva AI. this year all participants of the concert were awarded with small gift sets. But the biggest contribution, as always, was made by the Mennonite family home.
"Thank you, it was so great! Invite us one more time! "







"This kind of attention is moral support, which helps to recover faster."







"These are incomparable and unforgettable emotions! If there is a chance, call me next year for this concert, I really enjoyed helping! This moment in my life will remain in my heart forever! "






Training of Specialists of Social Sphere



In 2017 - 2018, our organization continued its cooperation with the Zaporizhzhya In-Service Training Institute for Teachers. For 56 social educators, psychologists and head teachers of the city and region, lectures and practical classes were held.
The meetings discussed such topics as mediation in schools, the impact of the teacher's image on his/her relationship with the class, the establishment of positive relationships in the group, work with parents, the elderly and preventive work with adolescents at risk. Primarily most of the teachers liked practical classes, where they learned to get acquainted, establish new communication links, talk about themselves.
For one of the groups, a playback theater specialist was invited, who conducted a hands-on session on working with emotions. At first the teachers felt embarrassed and awkward, but after a short time they were able to really reveal themselves and show all their acting talents.
The participants noted the tremendous usefulness of the training sessions and expressed sincere gratitude for the provided methods of work that would help them in the future.
Also last year, the staff of the "Florence Centre” gave a lecture for the teachers of the medical school on the prevention of emotional burnout.
For the 14 specialists of the Zaporizhzhya regional department of labor and social welfare and 9 specialists of the city territorial social service center, we organized two training seminars for trainers. Specialists accepted the information about the peculiarities of the organization of the project "I am beautiful!". At the seminars were presented such topics as: the age characteristics of the elderly, the correct selection of clothing, accessories, as well as love in the golden age. The audience was very inspired by what was presented and began to plan future work during the lesson. Some experts noted that even if they fail to implement the whole project, they will do some parts.
"This is what we need! It's a pity that the end of the school year is already over and I will not have time to realize much. But next year I will definitely try to hold such lessons at my school. "
"I have been working as a social teacher for the first year and for me it was not an easy year. But now I know how I will build my work from September and your exercises will help me a lot in this. "


"And for me it was such nostalgia! I felt like a schoolgirl again! I just liked to just play and chat! It's like a reboot - it's inspiring to work! "








"It's amazing how many interesting things you can learn about each other in such a short time!"








What I learned this year. . .



I studied at the "Clown School", tried to work with children of different ages. I got acquainted with new people and learned something new for myself.


Agafonow Dmitriy







Has gained invaluable experience in public speaking. Has learned to analyze the activities and structure of other organizations.


Iwashko Alexandra







 •In another way began to distribute the working time. I began to appreciate the teamwork and mutual assistance even more.


Ovcharenko Olena







Became more stress-resistant. Has received experience in organizing the practice of students. I learned to systematize classes with children and tried to interest them in-group work.


Ridoon Alla





I've learned to professionally interact with older people. I have increased the level of respect for employees for their work and love for people.


Romanenkova Lyudmyla







 •Has deepened knowledge, has received more experience in a profession of the bookkeeper. Improved the skills making photo and video. Became more effective in applying technology.


Sydorova Olena








•I learned to interact with a large number of people, and also began to engage in new activities.


Sulakova Olga







•Has deepened pedagogical skills of education of children. I learned to control the situation with children. I'm happy for everything that happens, what the child did and what he/she


Irina Yushchenko

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