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Florence Centre,  Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
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1. Program "Kangaroo"

The program "Kangaroo” provides early pedagogical intervention for children with the following nosologies: cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, mental retardation, ZPRR, Hyperactivity, Hydrocephalus.

20 people attend the program this month.< ... Read more »

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1. The program "Kangaroo"

The program is attended by 22 children. In November we moved to a new place which we had repaired.  On the 9th of November we opened a more welcoming and comfortable place.

The specialists have retested children using Strassmayer scale and have diagnosed a positive dynamics of ... Read more »

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In October  "Florence Center" participated in a festive event "White Cane" which was dedicated to visually impaired childrenю. The event was organized by the Central City Library for children. Boys and girls sang, recited poetry, played the scene and presented their artistic masterpieces. The concert was held under the theme "Talent can not be blind."


In-service training of practitione ... Read more »

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Work with foreign experts

This month we hosted our German partners of the "Kangaroo program". Our visitors were the director of the integrative child complex "Kinderforderverk" (Magdeburg), Dr. Dieter Dammering with three colleagues-experts in social work, social pedagogy and physical rehabilitation.

 "Kangaroo" ... Read more »

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"Kangaroo" program

The program "Kangaroo” provides early pedagogical intervention for children with the following nosologies: cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, mental retardation, ADHD (hyperactivity).

Group of 16 people attended the program. In August, the children came to the group after summer vacation, so during two we ... Read more »

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1. The development of educational materials

In June, the training materials on working with volunteers (course "Theory and practice of volunteer activities") were prepared for publishing.  This guide will provide students coming next year for practice with necessary knowledge about activities of Florence Centre. Students can choose the activity they would like to do, and also can have the requirements for the work performed. ... Read more »

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Program "Volunteer"/ Student’s Practicum

In May the volunteering  practicum of students - so ... Read more »

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1.   Development of methodical materials, research

In April the book "School of social rehabilitation: domestic and foreign experience” (methodical materials for staff of social rehabilitation schools, social workers, social pedag ... Read more »

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Social action

It has become a tradition that in March we have an annual event "World of great hearts". This year we hold a concert on March, 1. The main goal is to integrate children and youth with special needs in society, to draw an attention to the problems of people with special needs. Playground for all children and a concert with participants of different groups and organizations of Zaporozhzhye showed that ... Read more »

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1. The project "School"

In February on the request of three schools we did presentations on prevention of violence and conflict prevention. Lectures were held in an interactive way, high-school students actively participated in the discussion, expressed their ideas and views on the subject. High-school students are well aware of their rights, and at some points about their responsibilities. It should also be noted that they are very openly engage in conversation, especially about the situation in the classroom and school with violence and conflicts.

... Read more »

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